Thursday, 24 July 2014

Model City Polish Gradient

Hey all,
One more post before I go go... 
Tonight's A#1 most important thing - do my nails.
(And I better do a damn good job of it if it's going to last a week.)
Then and only then will I allow myself to pack. 
Priorities! (._.)

 Today's manicure is brought to you by my ever growing Model City Polish stash and the letter L.
I told Lucas I was doing a gradient and made him pick from all my MCP holos. :)
What a hard, painful job huh? Demanding girlfriend from hell, that's me!

artificial light
He decided on Cold Snap (blue) & October Sunset (purple)
But let's not give him too much credit, you can't go wrong with any of those holos!

artificial light
I stamped with Konad - White using Pueen Buffet Plate 59 for a little floral fun.
Super cute and simple. I seriously love the Buffet Collection.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's a great deal and so versatile! 
If you haven't already, pick this shit up!

natural light
Oooohh... Ahhh... Holo....
Alright, so I'm having a hard time coming up with content, what do you want from me?
You try and type up something coherent with all that holo goodness in your face!
I dare you!! It's like the sparkles are infecting my mind man!!

natural light
Well I wont be posting again for over a week.
 But don't cry, it's going to be ok. I'll be back (Terminator style)
Take care of yourself and have a good time without me!
Catch you on the flip!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Indigo Bananas - Acid Ocean

Hey all,
 I'm getting pretty excited and anxious over here.
On Friday night I'm leaving for a holiday with Lucas & my Dad.
We're going up to a giant lake and will stay in a houseboat for a week!
Who needs lakefront when you can be right on the lake?
It was my Dad's idea, and it'll be the first vacation we've taken together since 2005!
Which is pretty crazy.
Dad & I used to go camping every year. 
I had the most fun as a child when starting camp fires, hunting down sticks for marshmellows,
 tearing through campsites on my bike, and scarfing down beans and hot dogs in my plaid flannel jacket.
That was the good life.
Then growing up and bullshit got in the way.
9 years later... I want some of that magic back.
Break out the propane lantern (still works perfectly!)
load up on the sunscreen, bug spray and air mattresses, and bring it on!
It's a jeebjeeb summer revival!

Indigo Bananas - Acid Ocean

Acid Ocean is a deep blue/green base full of aqua and green colour shifting flakies (love!)
and bronze to green shifting shimmer! Yep, flakies and shimmer, what's not to love?

As per usual with Indigo Bananas, the formula is exquisite! This is two coats.
It applied like a dream and despite the jelly look of this polish, there is no visible nail line.

I don't know what I love more, the shimmer or the flakies. Together they work such wonderful magic.

After seeing how beautiful The Mercurial Magpie's swatches were in matte,
I had to bust out my trusty matte topcoat for this one.
(Poor thing is about 2 years old, I think this will be it's last mani, time for it to see greener pastures )

And viola! Matte perfection! I fricken love it!
Look at how wonderfully the flakies pop. Mmmmm... Colour shifting goodness...
What do you prefer, shiny or matte?

I stamped with MoYou London Fairytale Plate 06 using Essie - Good As Gold
I'm so into the jellyfish, it's not even funny.
And on my thumb, I have the face of a mermaid! If only I could fit her on my other nails...

I'll be spending the rest of the week deciding what to bring with me.
No nail polish. No computer. And maybe no crochet. 
(I think I just heard all of you collectively gasp)
What the hell am I going to do?
Friendship bracelets!! The best summer activity around!
That is, until you screw something up and have to undo your knots (._.)
Course, I have a lot of practise at that now :P
I'm a huge success at failing. But apparently it's the only way I learn.
And I'm quite learned ;)
Have a good one!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

KBShimmer - I Got A Crush On Blue

Hey all,
It's been dang hot on the West Coast.
I got to my lake on the weekend and it was perfectly perfect in every way.
There were dragonflies and butterflies everywhere.
A giant dragonfly with a 4 inch wingspan landed on Lucas while he lounged.
It was very cool. And makes me wonder... just how big can those guys get? (O.o)
As long as they're flying and don't land on me, I love them.
Then there was the water... don't get me started.
I think the purpose of life may be to swim in lakes and lay in the sun.
Or at least, that's the purpose of my life.

And again, with all this water talk, here's a water themed mani featuring...
KBShimmer - I Got A Crush On Blue

I Got A Crush On Blue is a royal blue jelly full of multiple shapes and sizes of holographic glitter.
I've read so many good things about this polish, I just had to pick it up.
And I can say for a fact, it has exceeded all my expectations!

For that killer depth I used three coats. The formula was fricken fantastic.
No fishing required, all the glitter laid nicely, super user friendly!
And just look at that glitter shine!! Ommm nom nommmm...

I stamped two accent fingers with Messy Mansion plate MM09 using Konad - White
The wave image is based off of The Great Wave off Kanagawa,
which has always had a special place in my heart, and works so perfectly with this polish.

I Got A Crush On Blue? Yes I most certainly do! 
The holographic glitter... The jelly... I can't get enough of it!
I have officially converted to KBShimmerism. I've seen the light, hallelujah!

Any polishes you've been hearing amazing things about?
What's your number one lemming right now?
Happy humpday!

Monday, 14 July 2014

The Great Polish Giveaway of 2014!

Hey all,
I have exciting giveaway news!
Nail Polish Canada is hosting The Great Polish Giveaway of 2014!
That's quite an epic name, huh?
Well the prize is even more epic!
One lucky person could win up to 200 polishes!!!

So here's the dealio...
The prize starts at zero.
Bloggers get to nominate one polish to add to the pot.
The more bloggers, the bigger the giveaway!
Click here to sign up your blog and nominate a polish of your choice.
Come on people, more polish for the polish gods, let's make it rain!!

To enter you can find NPC's Rafflecopter form here.
But!! You also get extra entries on each participating blogger's page!
You can find a list of each blogger and their chosen polish underneath NPC's Rafflecopter form.

I picked Picture Polish - Badass
This has been on my wish list for quite some time.
And the name! What more can I say.

So get to it people! Enter to your hearts content!
And for the love of jeebus nominate a polish of your own! I want to see this reach 200!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and happy polishing!!

Friday, 11 July 2014

ILNP - Masquerade

Hey all,
It's a gorgeous evening and I'm sitting on my balcony dreaming of tomorrow.
Tomorrow I get to go to a lake. ^_^
As much as I love the ocean, I love lakes even more.
They're just so magical and fun.
Give me an air mattress and sunscreen and I'm good all day.
No tide. No waves. No salt water.
Just me and the dragonflies.
I'm so damn excited.
Today I have a simple stamp manicure using a very complex polish.
ILNP - Masquerade
(all pictures are taken in indirect natural light save for one)
Masquerade is the mother of all ultrachromes.
It shifts from pink, violet, red, copper and green. No lie.
This is two coats. And like all ILNP's, no undies required!
It was a dream to apply. No streaking issues at all. She's as nice as she is pretty.

indirect artificial light
I stamped with Messy Mansion plate MM14 using Konad - Black
The peacock feathers seemed to be a perfect match to this flash.

Every ultra chrome I try, I fall deeper and deeper in love with ILNP. They are so bewitching.
Black magic. White magic. I haven't decided yet.
All I know for sure is I want to paint a car in this. A badass low rider with gold rims.

Want to see another stamp mani featuring Masquerade?? (you know you do!)
Check out The Polish Hound who stamped with light blue for a super great look.
You'll die over her awesome photos (they always make me jizz in my pants a little)
On that note,
Have an awesome Friday night!
Don't party too hard.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Sensory Deprivation

Hey all,
I tried something new on the weekend.
Lucas & I spent some time in a deprivation tank.
An hour and a half to be exact, but time escapes you.
Floating on incredibly salty water inside a lightproof and soundproof tank.
Is this your idea of heaven or hell?
For me it was absolute joy.
So relaxing.
The water is silky amazing and it doesn't make you pruney!!
It's like a wonderful bath in nothingness.
Not half as claustrophobic as it sounds.
I tend to be an easily over stimulated type.
I don't like loud talkers... TV's turned up to high give me headaches...
This was such a wonderful respite.
If you're into consciousness expansion, I definitely recommend checking out a place like Floathouse.
What with all this water talk,
I thought now would be the perfect time to show you this watermarble.

I used Zoya - Sailor (which I bought with my Nail Polish Canada reward points! Booya!)
Sally Hansen - Water Color & Essie - Blanc

Best watermarble yet! I really liked all ten lf my fingers this time too.
Only one got a little dinged! No disappointments. All win here.
Practising is paying off. 

Give me two more tries at this and I swear I'll do a post with all the tips and tricks I've learned.
It really is the little things with watermarbles that make a huge difference.
That and patience, ahhhhh!! ~_~

So would you ever try floating in a deprivation tank?
You have nothing to fear but fear itself. :)
Have a great night!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Father's Day

Hey all,
Three weeks later and I'm finally getting to my Father's Day mani.
Model City Polish - Anti-Virus

Anti-Virus is a bright lime green jelly full of two sizes of holographic hex glitter.
I paired it with Zoya - Raven for a look that screams my Dad.
Green and black are his favs.

I used varying sizes of straight NailVinyls for the stripes.
The stripes are a nod to when I was a little girl making friendship bracelets.
Dad would always ask for a striped green/black one and would wear them till they fell off.

Dad was quite impressed with the twinkle and shine of the holographic glitter.
He let out a few "holy crap"s while we were out in the sunshine.
And I got a few random complements from strangers too! Way to go MCP!

Yet again the weekend has brought with it rain clouds. *Curses and swears*
But whatever, Lucas and I are going out to celebrate his birthday tonight, so screw the weather.
We'll make our own sunshine.
 Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Firecracker Lacquer - Your Mom Thought I Was Big Enough & Girl Fight

Hey all,
Happy Canada Day!
Time for more Firecracker Lacquer!

Your Mom Thought I Was Big Enough

This is a very sheer multichrome polish, shifting though blue, purple, red and orange.
And a linear holographic with varying sizes of holographic bits.
I decided to show it off over a dark purple creme, Barry M - Plum.

indirect artificial light
The different sizes of holo give this polish awesome depth.
Kendahl aced the space theme, this really is a galaxy in a bottle. Incredibly stunning!

indirect sunlight
 I was curious to see how it would look with other undies, so I did a little tester.
L-R - one coat over black, one coat over silver, one coat over white & 3 coats alone.

Which undies do you like best? What would you pair it with? 

Next up...
Girl Fight

Girl Fight is a magenta jelly with pink/purple shifting glitters and a hint of holo.
This is two coats. The formula was super easy to work with.

 Kendahl describes this as a bruise, if bruises were more girly.
The first thing I though of when I put this on was showgirl. So now I'm calling it Showgirl Fight.

It's so full of glittery joy that it dries down a little bumpy. 
One thick layer of topcoat and you ready to duke it out!

I'm so taken with how squishy and twinkly this is. Super summery sparkling raspberry jello. 
Yet again I'm super impressed with Firecracker lacquer.

Or check out Firecracker Lacquer's Facebook or Instagram.

Alright y'all, time to spend the rest of Canada Day with a crochet hook in my hand.
Have a good one!
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