Sunday, 10 November 2013

Jesus is Just Alright With Me

Hey all,
Yesterday was a strange day for me.
The first family gathering since my grandmother's memorial.
The conclusion of which was my acceptance of her ashes.

It's like some crappy coming of age moment.
Trying to come to terms with a 2.5 lb plastic canister that used to be so much more.
But it is better to have loved and lost.
I'm glad I'm experiencing all these thoughts and feelings.
It meant I felt. A great deal.

I wanted to do something my Nana would really like.
She was a good Christian woman, so only Jesus would do.

I was going for a Jesus meets Barbie theme. Barry M - Grapefruit was exactly the pink I needed.
The flowers remind me of sheets Nana had, which I didn't even realize till a day after painting.

All the stamping is done with Konad polish. I used MoYou Artist Plate 12 & BM224.
For that extra dose of wonder I added Northern Lights Topcoat.

I love how this manicure turned out.
I am not a practising Christian, there's definitely an element of humour to this.
But I absolutely mean no disrespect in any way.
I just want to send my Nana a message from beyond the grave.
I love you.

I've been playing this song the last few days. 
Even got it stuck in Lucas' head ヽ(^。^)ノ
So for your listening pleasure, I bring you, The Doobie Brothers

I hope everyone has a good Remembrance Day tomorrow.
I will be pondering life's big questions.
Take it easy.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Space Station Obliteration

Hey all,
A few weeks ago I took my little bro to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2.
I loved the first one so much, best kids movie in years. 
The second one was good, not as good, but visually stunning and chalk full of cute.
So as soon as I got home I had to put on...

Glitter Guilty - Cloudy With a Chance of Neon

The space ship may or may not be an ode to The FLDSMDFR. I didn't really think about it till now.
(For those of you not in the know, the Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator!) 

I stamped with Konad - Black and used the amazing MoYou Artist collection 06 plate.
My thumb and pinky were left bare. It turned out exactly as I hoped.
A fun bold stamp, but still allowing the base polish to shine.

I love Cloudy With a Chance of Neon so much! Bright hexes and squares in a muted grey base.
The extreme contrast is divine. Which of course totally screwed with my camera's mind.
You really do have to see it to believe it.

Here's to you Meatballs 2!
What was the last awesome kids movie you saw?

I hope everyone's having a good hump day. (=_=)
Thankfully it's a long weekend for some of us. 
More time to hermit and practise my German(⌒▽⌒)
And bake those cookies I had planned for last weekend, dangit!
Now that it's getting darker and colder I've been getting really excited about food.
Like never before. All I want is cookies and stew.
And it's not even winter yet...

Have a great night and an awesome manicure!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Zelda goes Gothic

Hey all,
Today I'm counting down the hours until noon.
I have to do 5 hours of overtime on a ridiculous project with a ridiculous due date.
I just pray the machine will co-operate. I'm not in the mood to dance with it.

Other than that, I'm doing quite well.
In fact I have something I'm really excited to tell you about...
I started learning German! ヽ(^。^)ノ
That may not be exciting to you, but for a Sagittarius, nothing is more thrilling than expanding your mind,
I downloaded an app from Duolingo, which can teach 6 different languages.
And you know what? It's actually fun and engaging! Not like language classes. 
I took Spanish for 3 years in highschool and all I can say is it was not conducive to learning.
I have learned more in one week on Duolingo than I would in a month of Spanish class.
I know the verbs to be, eat, read, drink and have. All in a little over a week!
And I actually race home eager to practice every day.
I highly, HIGHLY, recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning a new language or brushing up their skills. The app is fantastic, but the website offers a more in depth study.
And did I mention it's completely free? Seriously. Try this. You have nothing to lose.

So now I'm learning German, crocheting a shawl, just started a new book, and have my nails to paint.
And those are just the hobbies on the hot plate at the moment.(´ー`)
One day I'll be the happiest hermit.

On to the nails!
I recently found out my great great Grandmother on my Mother's side was named Zelda.
So of course I had to put on Smitten Polish - Zelda's Fall-y

What a stunning holographic red. This was a limited edition polish, only available for one day.
You know me and hard to catch prey. I waited patiently and pounced.
It had to be mine!

I decided to dress Zelda up with MoYou Artist Collection - 11
The more I use MoYou's plates, the more I love them, the more I use them.
Lucas says to me "another stamping mani?" Hell yeah!(^v^)
Just look at that beautiful detail!!

And the sparkle! Om nom nom nom!!!! I'm smitten with Smitten. Always amazing.
If you don't have them in your life, you need them in your life.
Smitten Polish Go there right now. Run!

You know who my favourite Zelda is? 
(I never played the video game, so not that one)

Zelda Rubenstein!

HUGE Poltergeist fan right here. Oh.. My.. God..
And I always thought she was the best part of Sixteen Candles. 
(That movie pissed me off. Pretty in Pink however...)
Zelda, you amazing little woman, this one's for you!

Have a great day and an awesome mannicure!
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