Sunday, 29 June 2014

Firecracker Lacquer - Penguin Parade & PINK!

*These polishes were provided for review*

Hey all!
I have some really exciting polish to share with you!
Kendahl from The Stepmom Chronicles has started her own brand Firecracker Lacquer!
Her first collection, Meet Your Maker, releases July 1st!
Mark your calendar because you don't want to miss out.
And if you don't believe me, I've got two pretties to convince you otherwise.
First up I'd like you to meet...

Penguin Parade

 This linear holographic black is inspired by Kendahl's favourite animal. (I really love penguins too)
This is the truest black I have ever seen in a holographic polish!
When I told Lucas about it he said "Is it black or dark silver fake black?"
Apparently he's a holo snob, and it passed his high standards.

 This is two coats and one coat of Seche. It applied like a dream!
Sheer on the first coat, fan-fricken-tastic on the second.
It dries to a bit of a flat finish, but one layer of topcoat and holy wow! 

I love the look of it in the shade. It's like crushed black diamonds.
It's so bad ass rocker chick with that extra sparkle of fuck yeah!
I'm super impressed and in love. Girlfriend knocked it out of the park!


 Next up...
(I wonder what Kendahl's favourite colour is? Hmmm...)

 This fun glitter topper is full of little matte pink hexes & squares, 
a smattering of white squares and a dash of tiny holographic bits.
In the bottle it looks like Barbie Floam.

artificial light
I used one coat and the formula was fantastic.
The glitters spread very nicely, the base was the perfect consistency.
  I really love the speckled look of the matter glitters and the extra twinkle from the holographic particles.
I honestly didn't expect to like it as much as I do, even my Dad thought it was cool.
There's something super 80's about this, maybe that's why I love it so much.

artificial light
So far I'm incredibly impressed with the quality of these polishes!
Kendahl is so awesome, and so are her creations.
On Tuesday I'll have two more babies for you!
Until then you can check out Firecracker Lacquers Facebook or Instagram
for more information on her release (and to find a sweet coupon code!)
Only two more sleeps! Yay!
Have a good one!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Scofflaw Steps

Hey all,
Of course as soon as the weekend approaches, so do the rain clouds.
Was it me? Did I do it?
Should I not have said "let's go to a lake this weekend"?
Is it because I just received polish I want to swatch in the sun? 
How did I anger the weather gods and what can I do to set things right?
If there's a rain dance, there must also be a sun dance.
And if there is I hope it involves lots of headbanging.

During a recent sale I decided to try out some NailVinyls.
I LOVE tape manis. They're the first kind of nail art I tried and excelled at.
But I hate cutting out pieces of tape. It's so finicky and time consuming.
If you're with me on this you'll love NailVinyls!
They have quite an awesome assortment of vinyls for all your tape mani needs.
Lightening bolts, chevrons, classic french tips... something for everyone.
 For my first try I decided on a simple getting to know you manicure.

I used a base of A England - Encore Margot then laid down Chevron vinyls
and covered it in Scofflaw - Love Letter From Scofflaw

Love Letter from Scofflaw is a super interesting black polish loaded with silver flecks & red and pink sparkles.
I really love the warmth it has, like the glow of dyeing embers.
And the nail vinyls worked perfectly! Such a breeze to use.
I highly recommend for all tape mani aficionados.
Next time I'm trying out the lightening bolts! So excited.
Alright people, I'm off to the dentist now.
Yep, on a Saturday morning because I'm a masochist.
Have a good one!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Sweet Heart Polish - The Magpie's Treasure

Hey all, 
Today is a special day!
(And not just because it's my little brother's 13th birthday.)

Today is The Mercurial Magpie's one year blogversary! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
And because Kirby is the type to go big or go home
she's put together an epic giveaway with 30 prize packs to be won!
In true Magpie fashion it's INSANE! So be sure to check it out here.
Kirby has been a really awesome bloggin buddy.
Always there to answer my dumb questions and mule me American polish. <3
Not to mention her killer sense of humour :)
When she said she was having customs made for her blogversary and would I like to swatch one
I was like, hell yes girlfriend! Anything you need! jeebjeeb's on the job for you!
So without further ado I give you...

Sweet Heart Polish - The Magpie's Treasure

This glitter topper is cra-zy!
We're talking blue, silver and black. Circles, hexes and... the best part? Mini stars!!
Just loaded to the brim with a cornucopia of awesome.
This polish perfectly encapsulates it's name.
I can totally imagine a bird finding this shiny specimen and taking it back to it's nest.

I was unsure as to which base colour would perfectly show off these glitters.
So I consulted my ascetic assistant, Lucas, and he instantly replied with "yellow".
He has some major flashes of brilliance, I tell you what.
My favourite yellow of the moment is KBShimmer - Chick Me Out
and I think it totally rocks as undies for this dazzling array.

Those little fricken star glitters! Do you love them? I sure as hell do!
As you can tell by the watermark, I swatched this a while ago.
It was my first time trying Sweet Heart Polish and I was super impressed.
This is ONE coat of glitter. Absolutely no fishing required. Easy peasy glitter-teasy!

It's been really awesome watching Kirby's blog grow. Exponential to say the least!
Even when she was working 65 hour weeks she was still consistently banging it out.
I'm so proud and awed at how diligent and... well... crazy she is! ^_^
What a remarkable year it's been for The Mercurial Magpie.
Here's to many, many more.

If you like The Magpie's Treasure it is available for purchase from Sweet Heart Polish.


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Guacamole, Sour Cream & Salsa

Hey all,
Hope you enjoyed the solstice yesterday.
I experiences a miracle!
I actually tanned a bit without burning!
No forgotten strips on my shoulders. None of my "what do you mean I didn't put sunscreen on my kneecaps?"
 I'm finally getting better at this.
 To celebrate the new season I've got a manicure that I think is super summery.
I call it Guacamole, Sour Cream & Salsa
 I used a base of KBShimmer - Honeydew List
Splattered with Zoya - Purity and Nubar - On The Radar
And topped it with the ever amazing Model City Polish - Seize The Rainbow
Maybe it's just me, but this mani seriously makes me crave nachos or a burrito.
And a margarita on a patio...

I love the spots on my index finger of this hand.
I think it's a little vampirey. ;[

Ahh, just look at that magical twinkle.
Have a good one.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Afternoon Tea

 Hey all,
A few weeks ago Dagadelic and I planned an afternoon tea date.
It's one of our rituals. At least twice a year we get our tiered treats on.
Nothing like good tea, good company and scones with clotted cream and jam (my favourite part)
Usually I'm at a loss as to how to do my nails. But not this time. 
Because Bitch, I got a plate for that!

Say hello to Messy Mansion plate MM10!
It may be coffee themed, but it had me at tiny tea pots and steaming cups.
 My tea freak heart rejoices!

I started with a base of Sally Hansen - Soy Latte (like hello of course it has to be in my tea mani)
Then I used Zoya - Odette for the gradient. ...I didn't have any other polishes with drink names (._.)
I really like how it turned out. Like tea you've poured milk into but haven't stirred yet.

I stamped with good old Konad - White for contrast.
On my thumb you can see the french press in all it's glory.
Or is that supposed to be a coffee grinder? I'm not sure. :\

So stinkin cute.
If I was a waitress at a diner, I would wear this everyday.

We tried out a new tea place this time.
Instead of our earthy Asian infused favourite we decided on a girly-er experience.
Set in a tiny converted Victorian house downtown, it was the epitome of dainty fun.
Everything was pink, many chandeliers and the servers wore frilly floral smocks.
It was a trip man.

Cute little timer to let you know when your tea was perfect.
Little bird strainers and plates. Huge tea pots with TEA emblazoned on them (very Alice in Wonderland)
They set us up in front of a bay window, like holy crap, it was so perfect!
And the food! Best tiny cucumber sandwich I have EVER had.

Now that I've made you hungry, you should find a place near you that does afternoon tea.
You won't be disappointed, there's a little something for everyone.

Hope you have a great Friday!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Mmmm... Stamp Sandwich...

Hey all,
Happy Father's Day!
My older brother and I are taking Dad out for BBQ tonight.
Which is basically the epitome of everything a Dad could want, right?
I'm drooling just thinking about it.
It's going to be one of those don't eat a lot so you can go to town later kind of days ;)
Speaking of food, today I've got a stamp sandwich for you.
Featuring ellagee - Obsidian Glass
One layer of polish, then stamped with Konad White followed by another coat of polish.
I wanted to give Obsidian Glass a little test drive, a getting to know you manicure.

The stamp is Messy Mansion 44, the amazing lace plate.
I think it turned out pretty cool, but it could totally use some sparkle. Next time...

I need to come up with more uses for this black jelly.
A glitter sandwich is definitely on the list...
A cool tape mani with a holo perhaps...
What would you do with a black jelly? 
Have a good one!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Models Own - Duck

Hey all, 
A few weeks ago I got to hangout with this little guy.
^_^ the cutest thing ever.
And so were my nails...

 Models Own - Duck

I love the speckled egg look.
This polish is nowhere near baby cute, but it's still damn cute!
What do you think?
Sleeping baby says "Have a great Friday the 13th!"

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Sweet Heart Polish - Isn't It Wonderful

Hey all,
I have a half dozens manicures waiting for their turn on the blog.
And instead of going in the usual chronological order, I'm skipping the line!
Today I'm breaking my rules man! D:
I'm just too excited and impressed.
This is my first time trying Sweet Heart Polish, and it definitely wont be my last.
I give you...
Isn't It Wonderful
indirect natural light 
Isn't It Wonderful is a purple jelly base full of gold shimmer and iridescent bar glitter.
I fell in love with it from the first moment I saw it.  
And when I painted it on, holy crap, like buttah!!
The most amazing effortless formula, even dealing with the bar glitter at the tips was a breeze.
indirect natural light
At first I was hesitant about the bar glitter, but it just looked so damn cool.
Do you also find yourself torn by bar glitter?
Well my friend, this is the polish for you!
indirect natural light
Micro bar. That's the wave of the future! Smaller, less annoying, prettier.
And iridescent! It's like shimmery ghost glitter! Not obnoxious, but a gentle foray into bar glitter.
Then there's the shimmer...
I mean, I could be sitting here all night talking to you about how wonderful this polish is.
direct natural light
I used two coats and the visible nail line wasn't nearly as noticeable as in the photos.
indirect artificial light
I accented with neon green stars from Daily Charme. So damn cute! 
indirect artificial light
Isn't It Wonderful
Why yes. Yes it is.
You can hook yourself up at Sweet Heart Polish's etsy store

Thursday, 5 June 2014

A Broken Beam Of Light

Hey all,
Saturday is my best friend's birthday.
Well... I don't really like the phrase best friend.
Especially not for him, he transcends cliches. 
The best way to put it is, I consider him to be a soul mate.
  Our relationship is just as complex and intense as any "romantic" relationship.
We've experienced moments of complete unity.
But we've also hurt each other on purpose.
We've "broken up" multiple times.
Since we were 15 years old, we've loved, loathed and laughed at each other.
And I feel so lucky.
To find this other weirdo so like and unlike me at the same time.
This hilarious bird boy, all knees and elbows, bending over backwards to make me laugh.
And boy does he make me laugh.
The laughter inspires. He's my muse. My own Greek Godess.
He makes me want to be as weird as I actually am. 
To exploit the *dirt* of life.

So I thought today I would share with you someone 
who has inspired so much of who I am, and who I will become.
This is Shade.
He's an actor, model, photographer and muse to many.
That may sound pretentious, but he's not.
He's the most genuine person you will ever meet.
Here's a 3 min documentary some film students did on him recently.
They did a great job. I just watch it and smile.

And here's an ad he just did for Anxiety BC.
He made Cool Guy #3 shine! I think... (Watch the eyes, classic)

I hope you enjoyed those little tidbits.
We'll be having a sleepover on Saturday, which I always love.
His house is like the Tickle Trunk or Pee-Wee's Playhouse.
I feel like I can let go of the outside world and exist in our own reality full of tea and intensity.
I have a few surprises up my sleeve. I get to plan the whole day!
But shh! Because it's all secret. :) 
(Love you dude, see you on Saturday!)

On to today's manicure...

A half moon with Model City Polish - Nemesis and Zoya - Bridgette 

Nemesis is described as "green grey metallic blend with holographic pigment and red flecks" 
It's such an interesting, hard to describe colour. Not bronze, not khaki, somewhere in between?
The best term would be - unique. Just try nailing it down, I dare you!

The men in my life were not impressed with this colour combo. I blame Bridgette. 
What do you think? Nemesis totally steals the show but... it's not a bad combo, is it?
Bah, I don't even care! What's done is done! And just look at that holo twinkle. ^_^ LOVE!

Alright folks, that's all today.
I have last minute birthday things to attend to. 
More damn ends to weave into Shade's technicolor wonder cape.
And, you know, sacrificing animals to the weather gods so it's beautiful on the weekend.
Have a good one!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Intense-Peacock Watermarble

Hey all,
 I've been trying to make a conscious effort to do more watermarble manicures. 
They are a strange and mysterious beast, and I wish to tame and control.
It's my summer project!
Mastering the marble.
One psychedelic confection at a time.

artificial lighting
 The Mercurial Magpie sent me some L.A. Girl polishes after hearing me lust after them. ^_^
(Thanks girl, you rock! :* )
I used Intense (bright pink) and Peacock (green) over my go to white, Zoya - Purity.

artificial lighting
  I topped the watermarble with a coat of Model City Polish - Seize the Rainbow
Because why not? I want to cover every mani with this stuff!  

This one hand is totally green and pink zebra! I never even noticed that.
Watermarbles are like inkblots or clouds.
Everyone has their own take on it. Lucas said taffy. I totally agree. 

 And here's some super direct sunlight for you!
The colours weren't really that washed out I swear!
Where are my sunglasses? Wait, I'll just turn down my screen...
Have a great week!

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