Thursday, 27 February 2014

We Are the Music Makers

Hey all,
I have another incredible Indigo Bananas for you today.
This brand does not disappoint.
If you don't have IB in your life you need some now!
On that note I give you
We Are the Music Makers
featured in a music themed stamp mani

 We Are the Music Makers is a teal jelly full of green/blue/purple shifting glitters. 
I'm a fool for this colour shift, so no surprise I'm totally in love.
I stamped with A England - Her Rose Adagio using MoYou Rockstar Plate 03
And yes people, those are little headphones!

Like it's brother 2% Butterscotch Ripple (it's a boy dammit!), this polish
is incredibly beautiful and perplexing. The more I stare, the less I understand.
  All I know is that I wish I could paint a car in it. I can't drive. But who cares!

The more I stare the more I drool.
I hope everyone has a great Friday.
I'm going to celebrate with fried chicken and hockey! *happy dance*
.And some Battlestar Galactica, the latest household obsession.
It's fun! If you're even remotely into sci-fi, check it out.
Catch you on the flipside,

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Painted Sabotage - Hate Tank

Hey all,
It's been trying to snow all day.
So I stayed in my pajamas and curled up on the couch with a blanket.
Cause screw that noise.
Today I bring you Painted Sabotage - Hate Tank
A red jelly full of burgundy and red holo glitter, black shards and black hearts. Two coats shown.

This polish was incredibly easy to work with. 
The formula flowed nicely and the hearts came out of their own accord.
The hearts were also quite flexible, so no issues with lifting. I'm impressed.

The holo glitters and black shards contrast so nicely.
I really like the mix in this polish. Very intriguing.
I'll be getting up bright and early to watch the men's hockey gold Olympic game.
Or at least half of it. 4am is just too early for me.
Should be quite the game.
Go Canada go!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Conquering the Sugar Spun

Hey all,
 My friend Shade recently told me "I bought a polish for you. It's so ugly!"
And I'm like "bring it bitch! I'll make it work!"
Or at least make a manicure ugly enough to warrant a laugh.
To my surprise he gave me Essie - Lovey Dovie
Not nearly as ugly as expected. A medium pink crème. Sweet!
To his disappointment I can actually do a lot with it.
Better luck next time!
After seeing Tunay Na Mahal's Sugar Spun looks (so awsome!) I had the urge to try the technique again.
I hated it the first time but I had a feeling that this time would be different.
This time I would use a nail artists best friend! Sally Hansen Insta-Dr!
And wouldn't you know, it worked out.

I used Lightening & Lickety-Split Lime for my candy coated confection.
 I'm so happy with it and it was a lot of fun.
Patience is the biggest factor.

 What do you think of sugar spun? Have you tried it before?
Oh man, I came down with a cold last night and now I'm getting more congested by the minute.
Time for some myrtle tea and crochet. Need to zonk out.
Have a good night!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Zoya - Dot

Hey all,
Hope you had a good Valentine's Day.
Lucas and I went out to our favourite local restaurant.
Nothing fancy, but we did have dessert. Berry Crumble with ice cream.
And I love me some crumble, so best night ever!
Just a few days before Valentine's I received my Ipsy Glam Bag.
Inside was a Zoya, and to my surprise, it hasn't even been released yet.
This is Dot from the upcoming Awaken Spring 2014 collection.
As soon as I saw it I had to try it out. Polish from the future! O.O

Zoya describes this as a "pink petal cream", and it is the perfect spring pink.
As usual with their creams, the formula was great. Opaque at two coats.

I used Konad - White and stamped with Bundle Monster Plate 317
A day after painting I received an order from Painted Sabotage.
I immediately covered my accent with Happy Hearts and Hooves Day
But I didn't take any photos, it deserves to be more than an accent.
As for Dot, I really like this shade of pink,
I can see using it in lots of nail art designs.
What do you think? 
How was your Valentine's Day?

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Aliquid Lacquer - A Pun on Teal

Hey all,
I've got a late night lazy for you...
Aliquid Lacquer - A Pun on Teal

This gorgeous green leaning teal crelly is full of matte hexes of various sizes and colours.
White, red, green, blue, purple, pink, quite a whimsical mix.

I attempted to do some tone on tone stamping using Sally Hansen - Mint Sprint
& MoYou Suki Plate - 10. Not digging it, oh well.

A Pun on Teal on the other hand, exceeded expectations.
Although I'm a teal freak, I wasn't sure how I'd like the mix of glitters.
But it really grew on me. It's just so dang cute! It makes me want to go outside and have a picnic.
Even Lucas said it was cute, and he hates glitter. :)

Alright, I'm going go pass out now.
Have a great night!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Peaches n' Creampuff

Hey all,
Here's something really luxurious.

Sinister Benediction - The One Ring & Scofflaw Nail Varnish - Ruff Tuff Creampuff
together in a tape mani I can't help but refer to as Peaches n' Creampuff

I used Creampuff as my base colour, two coats for opacity.
This nude has some fantastic peach shimmer that really pops with topcoat.
It's just so damn cute! Without being cutesy. Just feminine, delicate and sophisticated.

Once Creampuff was dry I used a couple pieces of tape and applied The One Ring.
This polish is also extraordinary, red glass fleck gives it a warmth and wonder of no other gold.
I'm not a LOTR geek, but... this polish seriously makes me think "my preciousssss..."

I felt pretty damn posh and angelic wearing this. What a great combo hey?
I had a feeling they would go well together, but it's like they were made for each other!
A polish match made in heaven.
Hope you're having a good Monday.
Back to work for me tomorrow. :)
Bring it on.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

You Saucy Nureyev

Hey all,
So my week off turned into a few days of being sick.
-_- Typical and so annoying.
Sleeping for 15 hours wasn't the kind of relaxation I had in mind.
And I didn't even have any cool dreams.
What a gyp.
But I'm better now.
I was able to go out with a girlfriend yesterday.
Enjoyed the sunshine with lunch and tea!
...and then got totally sconed even though we were still full.
(There is no reasoning with a scone-head)
 Before I got sick I did paint a most awesome manicure.
And since it was early in the day I managed to get some sunlight pics!
See the amazing for yourself...
Smitten Polish - You Saucy Minx stamped with A-England - Dancing with Nureyev
using MoYou Fairytale Plate 06


You Saucy Minx is a beautiful indigo jelly full of red shimmer.
Super mysterious and spectacular, it truly glows from within.
I used two coats, which leaves a bit of VNL, which I'm into.

artificial light

I wasn't sure if this combination would work, but I think it does, in a very trippy way.
So much shimmer and glow, super psychedelic.

artificial light
You really can't go wrong with these two brands in the mix.
What do you think?
Did anyone watch the Sochi opening ceremony?
I think I may skim through for the coolest parts.
And to see all the countries different outfits.
It's like the opening to a Miss America pageant, except with coats and flags.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Sinister Benediction - Spearmint or Fruit

Hey all,
As I type this I'm sitting at home in my pajamas.
In the big comfy chair in the corner of the living room.
The slanted blinds reveal the shining cloudless sky.
I'm sitting at the window enjoying a glass bottle of Coke with lemon squeezed in.
Ahh, Coke with lemon. Yep. I'm really treating myself today.

I've taken this week off work. As a "mental health" break.
Lord knows I need it. I work hard. I'm rarely sick.
I need some me time to feel human.
 I need to feel like I'm not rushing to the grave.

And slowing it down, enjoying this sunshine and this Coke, is helping.
Enough blah, blah, blah.
Here's what's really exciting!

Sinister Benediction - Spearmint or Fruit

This is a spectacular light green jelly full of hexes of different sizes and colours.
Yellow, green, red, black. Shiny and matte.
With just the right amount of green shimmer running through the base. 

The first thing I think of when I look at this is "kiwi smoothie" So juicy!
It's the little black glitters that make this kiwi for me, I love them!

This is one of three polishes inspired by Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.
I watched that movie obsessively as a child. I almost had it memorized.
I think Sinister Benediction did an amazing job translating that film into polish.

It's the perfect amount of offbeat.

I just had to see what it would look like matte - love it!
Oh right, and I stamped using MoYou Artist Plate 6 using Konad - Black

What do you think of this oddball and amazing polish?
Did you watch Pee Wee as a kid?
Maybe I'll watch the movie today, as another treat to myself :)
Have a good one!

Monday, 3 February 2014

The Lady Varnishes - Lissa Anne

Hey all,
I'm up past my bed time. O.O
And on a Monday no less! Scandalous.
My whole night has been a write off.
I've been busy playing with a new toy.
Got myself a Windows Surface as a portable blogging office.
And holy crap! Minesweeper! On a touch screen? Amazing!
Lucas rolls his eyes. But this is revolutionary for me.
Due to my distraction, I have a simple manicure tonight.
The Lady Varnishes - Lissa Anne
Deep green crelly with copper microglitter? No surprise I was instantly in love.
 This is such a striking combo, I wish I could have captured it better.
It had so much more personality in person.
 Damn, I forgot. The Lady Varnishes puts a charm on each of her bottles.
 I took it off before painting and meant to photograph it, it's quite cute.
I love this polish. Bold. Classic. With a mix of the strange.
Everything my green loving heart had hoped it would be.
Have a great night/early morning.
And if you're already sleeping, sweet dreams.
I'll be joining you soon.

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