Thursday, 31 October 2013

You Know What Day It Is

 Hey All,
Happy Halloween! What are you doing tonight?
I'm at home blogging ( ゚ Д゚)
 I used to love Halloween as a child, but like a lot of things, I no longer care.
I will concede to themed manis though. I haven't turned into that much of a witch.
And to make it more of a treat, it's a double dose.

But there's something I totally forgot to mention! (;一_一)
(and no, not my passionate love of emoticons)
I started a facebook page for the blog.
Come on down and give me a like, if you like.

First up, I wanted to try out another textured gradient.

Doing a gradient with textured polish makes it incredibly textured. Like stucco.
I used Konad Black and really had to jam it in there, but it held beautifully! 

Zoya - Dahlia & Beatrix come together in the perfect Halloween combo.
What do you think? Little bro said  he loved them , yay! :)

Next up, a wonderful Halloween themed polish.
Glitter Guilty - Bag Snatcher

Bag Snatcher is a white creme loaded with yellow, black & orange shards and orange micro glitter.
Loving it! Ok, so I'll only wear this about once a year, but come on! It's cute.

I stamped with OPI - Uh Oh Roll Down the Window, the perfect ghoulish sludge green.
Lucas picked out the skulls from the Viva Mexico plate. I love this mani. 
I'll be wearing it for twice as long as usual. :)

And to make your night that much better, here's something very dear to my heart.
One of the best theme songs ever.

I LOVED Tales from the Crypt as a child.
So much fun. I'll have to watch a few tonight.
I suggest you do to. :)
Have a Happy Halloween!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Smitten Polish - I Never Drink...Wine.

Hey all,
It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood.
The sun is shining. The birds are chirping.
And I'm off to Dim Sum with the in-laws.
Dim Sum is totally worth it though. 
If you're a shrimp fiend like me.

So I have another incredibly opulent manicure for you.
Smitten Polish - I Never Drink... Wine.


I Never Drink... Wine is an amazing holographic burgundy concoction of splendour. 
Completely and utterly deluxe in every way. Don't you think?

I paired it with Zoya - Richelle and some striping tape for a simple art deco inspired look.
Also inspired by Nailasaurus  and all her amazing tape jobs.

Can I just say ommm nomm nom nom.... drool drool drool!! I love this polish so much.
I felt so grown up and sophisticated wearing this.
Whenever I glimpsed my hands it was like looking at a stranger.

I can totally see many amazing Christmas manicures with I Never Drink Wine.
In fact, it's true, I never do drink wine. (except at my work Christmas parties X_X)

I totally forgot to mention ages ago that I finished my co-workers baby blanket!
I'd love to post some photos, but she reads this thing sometimes.
So once the shower takes place I'll do the big reveal.
I'm very proud of it so I can't wait!

I hope you have a great Sunday!
Here's to greasy morning foods, be it shrimp or bacon.
Omm nom, nom nom nom.

Sunday, 20 October 2013


Hey all,
How's your weekend going?
At nine o'clock last night I had a totally random urge to bake cookies.
And I'm proud to say by 10:15 I was scarfing down! 
Since I didn't have any nuts or chocolate chips, I went with an easy peanut butter cookie recipe.
It was probably the fastest batch of cookies I've ever made. Highly recommended.
The hardest part is not eating them all at once, they're so crazy good fresh out of the oven.
Next time I'll be adding peanut butter chips, my ultimate weakness.

But on to nail polish.
I have another recipe that went together even more perfectly...
Zoya - Carter stamped with gold

Oh...My...Gorgeous. Just perfection.
Two coats of Carter, no base or topcoats, for the ultimate in textured sparkle.

I used Essie - Good as Gold and stamped with MoYou London Suki Plate 06.
It stamped so fantastically well, look at that awesome coverage. 

I can't get over how amazing this combo is. What do you think? 
Purple and gold are just made for each other, especially with texture and sparkle thrown in the mix.

It's another foggy day here in Lotusland. Dreamy and cottony.
Not inspiring any kind of activity within me. 
What do you have planned this Sunday?
I'm off to make my third cup of tea and to start crocheting like crazy.
Have a great day and an awesome manicure.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Studs & Gleequins, Oh My!

Hey all,
Happy Wednesday :|
I went on a work field trip today. To deal with thousands upon thousands of postcards.
Organizing, labelling and counting. Lifting a ton of boxes. Jamming my hands into paper. 
3 wonderful hours. And save for one ugly chip, my manicure held up!   
It was a great workout. Not to mention it seemed to keep my creeping cold at bay.
No complaints here. Just body tired. My mind is active though. 
The same song still going through it like it has all day.
Just brewed up a mug of... lemon myrtle tea...
I'm getting comfy...
Dancing with Mylie...
Doing whatever we waaant...
Did that just come out? :P
Pardon me!

I got some new toys recently. So I tested them out with a few simple (a nice word for boring) manis.
First up... Studs!

All I can say is sexy, sexy, sexy.*clap clap* 
Everything I wanted them to be!

OPI - In the Cable Car Pool Lane (2 Coats)
Such a beautiful deep burgundy. The formula has just a hint of jelly to it.

And then.. Gleequins!
I was compelled by the silver holographic diamonds.
In indirect light they look like pieces of mirror, and make me think of the Indian fabrics my mother loves.

And in direct light   *KABOOM*   Holographic fantasy.
I took this photo a day or so after painting, and a few of the gleequins had curled.

Cult Nails - Discipline (3 Coats)
This is such a lovely delicate grey. The shimmer is outstanding, flashing from pink to blue to purple.
It's a bit sheer, but regardless, the formula was splendid.

Maybe it's the gleequins lending this mani a space age feel, 
but I couldn't help thinking that Discipline must be what alien flesh looks like.
I kept seeing flashes of Roger from American Dad.
What the hell brain?!

Well I hope you enjoyed my boring manis. :P
I really enjoyed wearing them.
Have a great night and an awesome manicure!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Pretty & Polished - Leaf Me Breathless

Hey all,
That's right! You're getting 2-for-1 today!
I was hoping to be more productive, blogwise, this long weekend.
And since I'm at the end of it, I might as well cram in as much as I can.

I have something very interesting for you today.
Pretty & Polished - Leaf Me Breathless

Leaf Me Breathless is a yellow jelly packed with brown, red, orange, green, gold & yellow glitter.
Definitely not for everyone, this polish compelled me since I first laid eyes on it. 
There's just something about the yellow jelly.

It's so weird, it works. What do you think?
I waited to wear it until after the leaves really began to change, and it was perfect.
All the colours create an autumn wind storm of wonderful. I kept looking at the trees, and then my mani.
They totally nailed the concept of this polish.

I used Zoya - Nina and some tape to create my accents.
I felt I needed some brown, but was a bit lazy :P

I used two thick coats. As usual with P & P, the formula rocked and the glitter was abundant.
What do you think? Like it? Or is it just too bizarre?

Here's the song I've been singing to myself for the last two weeks.
So good! Think I'll have to download some Doris Day movies now. :)

I'm spending the rest of my day off crocheting :D
Have a great day and an awesome manicure!

Vancouver Canucks Inspired

Hey all,
What a full half week I've had. No time to blog, but that's a good problem.
It's more important to live life than to talk about it.
Canadian Thanksgiving. 
I made two stuffed chicken dinners. Had a sleepover at a friends house.
Bought a new cell phone and obsessed over it all yesterday.
I cut a ton of my hair off. Man was it long. But even so, it's still long. 
I did some sale shopping downtown and scored some sweaters.
And I watched a terrible hockey game.We scored on ourself! Wtf!?
Prior to that gaff we had been kicking ass. Three wins in a row. :(
So to celebrate the fact that I'm not a fair weather fan...

My Vancouver Canucks Manicure

Inspired by our team colours and the Johnny Canuck shoulder patch.

It turned out exactly as I had imagined. Simple yet bold (and beautiful!).
Vancouver, where the land meets the sea. If only it could be V for Victory.

I used both of my Smitten Polish holographics for this fantastic gradient.
Out of the Blue & Enchanted Forest.
I used Zoya - Purity as my accent finger base, the rest, Enchanted Forest.
Then sponged on the gradient and quickly removed the striping tape.

I love love love it!! :D What do you think? Canucks enough for you?
It didn't turn out to be good luck, but whatever. It looked great.
As far as I'm concerned, the team let my mani down! Not vice versa.

I also wanted to show you what I wore to my first tea date of the season.
My bitches and I hadn't been for tea all summer long, so it was a great way to ring in fall.
I went with something really simple. I was feeling neutral.  

Zoya - Jacqueline with Sally Hansen - Soy Latte accent 
Unfortunately I didn't take the pic until a few days after painting. Oh well.
It totally makes me think of Nutella. It went perfectly with my scones ;)

I've got exciting giveaway news!!
Check out her blog for a chance to win two Indigobananas polishes.
I've been drooling all morning. Indigobananas are fantastic.
If I don't win... I'll definitely be placing an order ;)

Have a great day and an awesome manicure!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Testing my MoYou

Hey all,
Happy Saturday!
I wanted to post my hockey mani today, but the game ended terribly. 4-1 San Jose :(
So forget it. They have to win a game before I show off my team spirit.
Thankfully I do have something that I'm really pleased with.

MoYou London stamping plates!

I discovered MoYou a few months ago. And holy crap! So many themes to choose from.
The variety is just amazing! I fell in love with a few plates from the Sailor & Suki Collections.
 As soon as they arrived in the mail I had to test them out.

I used Sailor Collection - 05 and just look at that glorious detail! Crisp and fantastic.
I had to try the tentacles first. They're so fricken cool! Everything I wanted them to be :)

My base is OPI - Incognito in Sausalito. 
It's hard to tell with the stamping on top, but it's actually a very dark navy blue.
AND! This is only ONE COAT!! Can you believe it? 
Mad props to OPI for this one. So vampy, Iove it.

I stamped with my good old A-England - Excalibur (old version)
I cannot wait to try my more of my MoYou images. So far I'm very pleased.
If you're into stamping I highly recommend checking them out.
They just keep releasing awesome collections! So brace yourself ;)

There's another hockey game tonight. 
So fingers crossed that they win and I can show of my fantastic tribute soon.
Have a great day and an awesome manicure!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Smitten Polish - Robin's Egg

Hey all,
How are you doing?
Tonight I'm having a yummy dinner party to celebrate the first hockey game of the season!
Meat pie, mashed potatoes and men on ice. 
A perfect Canadian autumn evening.
Any of you hockey fans?
My Dad got me into it, of course. I became obsessed at 14, then my love petered out.
It's only in the last few years that I've got back into it again.
And I'm glad I did. I love it. It's like a manly, hyper physical soap opera.
So next post I'll show you my Vancouver Canucks inspired mani.
But until then I've got...

Smitten Polish - Robin's Egg

 As the name suggests, the base is a perfect robin's egg blue crelly, full of copper hexes.
This polish is PERFECT! I cannot describe how much I love it.
It is sweetness and magic rolled into one. It's just so Robin's Egg! 
Perfectly perfect in every way. :)

It harsh makes me crave Robin's Egg candies.
It really does look like them! And man, I love those treats.
(Is this my new thing? I only wear polish that reminds me of edibles?)

Like every Smitten I've tried, the formula was superb, only needing two coats. 
And the glitter was plentiful, spreading nicely. 
Smitten did a great job with this one. Simple yet beyond stunning. 5 stars!

All I can really say about this dreamy polish is...
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Have a great night and an awesome manicure!
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