Tuesday, 28 January 2014

they all have their own hands

Hey all,
Today I have something super gorgeous for you.
Scofflaw - Wraith Pinned to the Mist

I stamped the polka dots from MoYou Artist Plate 06 in Konad - White
I love this. Makes me think of vintage dresses.

With some amazing shimmer and multicoloured flecks, Wraith ain't no ordinary turquoise polish.
Just look at all that sparkle and shimmer! And the lovely gentle contrast of gold flakes.
This polish is all about attention to detail. Subtle at first, but more stunning every moment.

I've had this on since Saturday and it still looks damn fine. 
I don't think I've filed my nails either. And the tip wear is very minimal.
Scofflaw gets and A+

I'm starting to get excited. On Friday I'm taking my dad to see Bruce McCullough.
He was one of the Kids in the Hall, a sketch show from 89-94 I believe.
Funnier and weirder that Saturday Night Live and all Canadian.
Bruce has been my favourite since I was a little kid.
Maybe it was because he made the cutest woman, who knows.
(All the guys played woman characters as well because... well there were only 5 guys)
Here's one of Bruce's most memorable clips.

How many Dave's do you know? I know 2.
If you liked that, please for the love of god check out Kids in the Hall on youtube!
They're the best.

Have a great night!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Don't be a Jackass

Hey all,
I feel like I've been super busy this week.
Or at least, I have all these different little things to do.
And most of these little things require creativity.
And being creative demands so much energy and time.
I get overwhelmed sometimes and just sit and do absolutely nothing.
But today I'm going to try hard to be productive.

Here's what I wore all week.
A match made in heaven.

Zoya - Bridgitte topped with two coats of Indigo Bananas - A Star to Sail By
Stamped with Konad - Black using MoYou Suki Plate 09

Drop dead fricken gorgeous right?
As you can see A Star to Sail by is much more than a white gold flake polish.
There are pink flakes, microshimmers and real silver metal flake.
A perfect match to Brigitte's dusty mauve.

The day after I painted this I had a little accident with a 300lb recycling bin full of paper.
When I tried to move it, it toppled on me, pinning my leg and hand to the cement floor.
Thankfully I managed to get myself free with only some bruises and scrapes.

This picture is what I call "Recycling Bin - 1 Manicure - 0"

Here's a little something that makes me feel better about hurting myself.
At least I didn't do it on purpose...

I hope you have a great accident free weekend!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Indigo Bananas - 2% Butterscotch Ripple

Hey all, 
I have something magical for you today!
A polish I can best describe as a brain fuck.
It's beauty is incomprehensible. 

Indigo Bananas - 2% Butterscotch Ripple

2% Butterscotch Ripple is a plum base full of green/gold/copper shifting glitter.
This may be the most interesting polish out there right now.
It's so complex, so shifty and intriguing. And totally beguiling.

The more I stare at it, trying to comprehend it's ways, the more unbelievable it looks. 
This polish must be crafted by the gods!
Surely this is the golden fleece !

I used Zoya - Odette for the accent. 
I think they look  great together.
I recently picked up a few of the new Zoya Naturel Collection.
The dusty pink hues really got to me. Understated and feminine.

I don't want to do anything tonight except stare at my nails (≧∇≦)
If you don't have Indigo Bananas in your life, you need them!!

 I think Kit-Kat has a cold, she's been sneezing since yesterday :(
In fact, this morning she jumped on the bed and sneezed right in Lucas' face.
Nice wake up call!

If you like what you see, check out the January Jamboree Giveaway!
2% is one of the prizes up for grabs!
It ends tomorrow night. Time is running out!

Have a great night and an awesome manicure!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

in the middle of a riddle

Hey All,
This mani's dedicated to those of us that still have record collections.
(using MoYou Rockstar Plate 03)

I used Smitten Polish - Cauldron of Rainbows as my base
More like Cauldron of Drool! Black holographic perfection.
And in bright light, it goes crazy!

turned up to 11!
I stamped with A England - Dancing with Nureyev and used it as my accent base.
After applying topcoat I stamped my accent with Cult Nails - Fetish
I just had to see if the waxy finish would translate in stamp.
And it turned out better than expected!
What do you think?

Lucas didn't understand why I kept this blurry shot.
But I think it really brings out the linear rainbow. <3
This manicure makes my vinyl loving self so happy.

And like a broken record...
 I must remind you about the January Jamboree Giveaway!
Check it out!

Here's a brand new treat if you're interested.
Fresh off the musical... presses...(._.) 

This song was originally from the 40's.
So dreamy and romantic.
You can bet I'll be playing it non stop.

Have a great day and an awesome manicure!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

If I'm Butter, Than He's A Hot Knife

Hey all,
I've developed a scone problem lately.
There's this new place by my work that has amazing (and slightly overpriced) sandwiches. 
That's what started the problem. I can't resist a good grilled sandwich.
But their scones... that's what really got me.
Especially the Vanilla Bean & Pear.
It's like, Shut up and give it to me now!!
All I can think about at work is going home to get sconed.
Out of my mind sconed. Sigh.
But always shared with friends and a cup of tea!
I only eat them socially. 
(If anyone wants to get sconed with me after work tomorrow... let me know)

Enough of that frivolity! (Get to the nails bitch!)
Today I have the last of my Cult Nails binge. 
Ms. Conduct featured in a glitter half moon.

This was one of those manicures I just had to do.
I couldn't get the idea out of my head, it was almost annoying.
Had I done anything else, I wouldn't have been satisfied.
But I am 100% satisfied with this.

This photo makes me drool
The glitter is Hits - Borealis. (An amazing present from Dagadelic)
The green/gold duochrome looked fantastic against Ms. Conduct.
And I'm loving the glitter half moon. Sexy, flashy and fun.

What do you think? Would you try a glitter half moon? (I dare you)
Don't forget to enter the January Jamboree Giveaway!
There's less than a week left! And so many pretties to win!

When I brought up scones of facebook today my friend started quoting Hot Knife by Fiona Apple.
I had a good laugh since most of what she sings is
"if I'm butter, if I'm butter, if I'm butter, than he's a hot knife"
So for your listening pleasure today I have the perfect song for getting sconed.

Have a great night!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Cult Nails - Flushed

Hey all,
It's a mug of tea and banana bread kind of morning for me.
Slow going.
Yesterday I convinced myself I should go downtown today.
Now I'm not so sure.
I can always spend money from the comfort of this chair.
(゜_゜) Yeah... I should probably go.

But until then I'm going to relax and show you
Cult Nails - Flushed

A purple base loaded with amazing pink duochrome shimmer.
This was so spectacular I couldn't bare to do any art.
Just look at it (@_@。 

I've been in love with this polish for ages.
Every time I browsed Cult Nails I kept coming back to Flushed.
There's something so mysterious about it. Changeable.
Next time I will do some amazing art with it. Promise.

Have you been lusting after a certain shade lately?
Anything special that just wont get out of your head?

Alright. That's it! I'm going to get ready to go out now.
I just got a set of Urban Decay shadows and need to try them out.
Decent enough excuse to do something on a Sunday.

And don't forget to enter the January Jamboree Giveaway!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

the beautiful girls who are shly brave...

Hey all,
This week I'm going on a Cult Nails bender. ( ̄ー ̄) 
I got pretty pretties from them ages ago that I still haven't worn!
I don't know about you, but I get really antsy with my untrieds.
It's as if I feel like I'm letting the polish down by not using it sooner.
And the longer I hold off, the more of a grudge it has. 
Yes. I was one of those kids that thought my toys had feelings.
So I would try to play with everything equally.
I still do this, and not just with nail polish.
It's ridiculous the amount of empathy I have for the inanimate.

To start off the binge I give you...

Masquerade is a green jelly base full of duochrome pink/gold shimmer.
This was part of the Limited Edition Midnight Masquerade Collection.
It's been on at least 3 bloggers Best of 2013 lists, and it's easy to see why.

I wish I only stamped my accent finger, but oh well.
I used MoYou The Artist Plate 11 & Essie - Good As Gold

Although Masquerade is similar to Orly - Space Cadet, they're not the same.
Space Cadet has a stronger shimmer going on, whereas this is more about the base colour.
I was worried after I ordered this that it would be a dupe.
Which makes me a dope. (~_~;)
Even if they were, you can never have enough Space Cadet!

Don't forget to enter the Janurary Jambouree Giveaway!
Runs until the 20th with daily entries!
(You know you want my earrings ∩( ・ω・)∩  )

Today for your listening pleasure I give you Liz Phair.
"it's cold out there and rough" That's for sure.
It's the usual wet and windy west coast winter over here,
 but my thoughts are with those of you dealing with the sub zero insanity.
Stay warm!

Have a great night and an awesome manicure.

Monday, 6 January 2014

January Jamboree Giveaway!

Hey all,
In honour of my 1 year blogiversary I'm excited to announce
 I'm taking part in a multi-blogger/ polish maker giveaway! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
We're throwing a January Jamboree!
Eight prize packs to be won by eight amazing polish fiends.

Indigo Bananas
The Mercurial Magpie
Painted Sabotage
Royal Milk Tea 
Sinister Benediction Nail Lacquer 
Sloth Nails
& little old me.

I'm so excited to be part of my first ever giveaway,
and with such awesome makers and bloggers!
What a treat to start the year!

The Prizes!

(some prizes are incredibly excited about the Jamboree and decided to get the party started early)

Sloth Nails (US & Canada)
 Nfu Oh GS14 and Julep Petra

ALIQUID LACQUER (international except UK)
15 ml ALIQUID Lacquer A Pun on Teal and a scented lip balm of your choice (vanilla, chai or mint citrus) 

IN JEEB WE TRUST (Canada, US & Mexico)
Full size bottles of Zoya - Dream and A-England - Fonteyn and a pair of handmade earrings.

The Mercurial Magpie (US Only)
8 ml minis of Indigo Bananas 2% Butterscotch Ripple & A Star To Sail By, 5 ml mini of ALIQUID Lacquer Make A Wish, Dotting tool set, Rhinestones & Pearl nail art wheels 

INDIGO BANANAS (International)
Pick any two full size Indigo Bananas polishes.

Sinister Benediction Nail Lacquer (US Only)
Full size bottles of Chuck's Bike-O-Rama and Everyone I Know Has a Big But
Painted Sabotage (International)
One Painted Sabotage custom TBD (custom may or may not be one of a kind) 

Royal Milk Tea (US Only)
full-sized 11ml A England Ascalon, and Badger Organic Cuticle Care Balm .75 oz 
---  Are you excited or what?
Now you know what my secret crafting was about. (≧∇≦)
But one important detail...

...The Rules

 The giveaway is open internationally (you will be matched with an appropriate prize pack depending on your location). 
There are only 2 mandatory entries: your country of residence & your email so that we can contact you if you win!  
  But of course, the more entries you complete, the better your chance to win! 
Once the giveaway ends, you will have 48 hours to respond with your address- after that, a new winner will be selected.
 You must be 18 or older to enter. 
*Good luck!*

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Here are the two images you can choose from to post for the instagram post option:

I wish you all luck!

Saturday, 4 January 2014


Hey all,
It's a bright and beautiful first weekend of the year!
I'm so glad the holidays are over. And not just in a bah humbug way.
The world winds down to a complete stop. I feel it in my soul.
I'm tired of feeling tired. I'm sick of the desire to hibernate.
But the change is finally here. I can feel it.
Everyday I'm a little more awake and alive.
Everyday gets just a little bit brighter.

I hope you had a good New Years Eve.
I spent the night with my dad, no big partying over here.
And I caught a cold that day, so I'm extra glad I didn't do anything.
Just played some games and watched a movie while sneezing like crazy.(・へ・)

I don't believe in new years resolutions, but I have one this year.
I'm going to give up alcohol for 3 months.
I don't have a problem with it, never had. But I am very conflicted by it. 
Don't get me wrong, I love to go out for a cocktail. It's the perfect social outing.
I love the intimate nature of it. Nothing between you but words and beverages.
But, can't the same be said for tea...?
I have half a bottle of Gin in my freezer, so this is the ultimate test.
Sometimes it's good to restrict yourself.

Here are my last two manicures of 2013

Esmaltes da Kelly - Giovanna with A-England - Encore Margot 

Giovana was one of my birthday polishes from Dagadelic <3 now I have two babies with my almost namesake.
This Gio is a beautiful sky blue with tiny purple hexes and pink particles.
Super cute. Paired with Encore Margot, it's pretty dreamy.
_ _

Contrary Polish - River Market

This was love at first swatch for me. I knew I had to have her.
Dark purple base full of smouldering red shimmer. 
My photos do not do justice. I'm going to work on that.

I was planning to bling out more for new years, but then decided against it.
This polish is like the after glow of a fireworks display.
Understated, just like my evening.
_ _

First Manicure of 2014
But first I have some news.
My last post was my 100th post. And tomorrow is my one year blogiversary!
I have a fun little something coming up very soon, so stay tuned!
Now on to how I started my year
A-England - Her Rose Adagio

Stamped with Konad - Black using MoYou - Sailor Plate 05
I recently heard talk that this stamper was far superior to what I had been using.
And the talk was right! The stamper is so crazy squishy, my super curved nails are no match.
It's literally a whole new world, it even made me want to sing that song.
Oh right, and Her Rose Adagio is gorgeous!

Well I hope you're having a great start to your year.
I'm feeling hopeful.
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