Thursday, 24 April 2014

Breath of Creampuff or Ruff Tough Spring

 Hey all,
Another lazy late night post coming your way.
I paired two amazing indies for the ultimate in spring looks.
This is the manicure I wore for my getaway two weeks ago.
I had it all planned at least a week in advance.
(yep, I'm that kind of crazy.)
Say hello to Scofflaw - Ruff Tough Creampuff
covered in Model City Polish - Breath of Spring 

Breath of Spring has pink and blue micro glitter and squares, blues hexes, pink and purple circles
And the cherry on top, holographic pigment.
Which makes a lovely addition to Creampuff's stunning shimmer.
If this polish was a bouquet, the holo pigment would be Baby's Breath. <3

 This was everything I'd hoped it would be and more. I'm in love with Breath of Spring.
It echoes the colours of clear skies, cherry blossoms and sunshine.
There is nothing else quite like it.
Alright, that's it, time to pass out.
Have a great night!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

It's Raining, it's Pouring

Hey all,
Since it's April I thought it was a good time to bust out
Pretty & Polished - April Showers
Which is quite an appropriate name around here.
(The Easter weekend was pretty damn wet and ugly.)
I've swatched this lovely thermal previously in this post.
Unfortunately the base is no longer as bright white in the warm state as it used to be. 
But it's still fantastic none the less.
 To create a full on holographic spring storm I used 
A-England - Dancing with Nureyev & Pueen Buffet Plate 58
 I wish rain was holographic. Then I would love to go out in it. Wouldn't you?
One can dream. A-England coloured dreams. *_*

Soon enough it'll be May flower time!
I can't wait to see all the tulips and rhododendron bushes come alive.
What are your favourite flowers?
Have a great night!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sieze the Apple Pie

Hey all,
I have another lazy late night post for you.
And when I say lazy late night I mean I'm writing this in bed right before I pass out.
Let's get on with it so I can have another one of my going back to high school dreams that I love so much :|
Models Own - Apple Pie
covered in one coat of Model City Polish - Seize the Rainbow
Apple Pie was gifted to me by Dagadelic and it's amazing. Probably one of my top three favourite cremes.
It makes me feel like I'm in California, don't ask me why.
And then with the addition of Seize the Rainbow?
Boom. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
artificial light
Great, now I'm going to fall asleep thinking about apple pie.
And I'll dream about being chased by a giant zombie pie.
I'll never see it, but I'll know it's there.
In Soviet Russia pie eat you!
Sweet dreams,

Sunday, 13 April 2014

I Love Nail Polish - Sirene

Hey all,
Today I bring you something super super special.
Another stunning Ultra Chrome from I Love Nail Polish.
And I'm proud to say that my pictures actually do it justice!
Nothing compares to sunlight people. That's all I'm going to say.
 Without further ado, I give you...

direct artificial lighting
 Sirene is a killer colour shifter, going through green, blue, violet, red.
It's quite the chameleon.

indirect artificial lighting
But in the sun is really where it... shines.
direct sun light
 O.O Can you believe it?
Because I am just speechless.

indirect sunlight
 I stamped with Konad - Black using Pueen Buffet Plate 59
Just a little something something for contrast.

indirect sunlight
What do you think? Are you in love?
I Love Nail Polish is quickly becoming one of my favourite indies.
The more I try the more I want.
It's a beautiful day here but I don't really feel like doing anything :P
 So lazy, I know. I'll just go on the balcony and pretend I'm outside doing stuff ;) 
Have a good one!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Happy Hearts

 Hey all,
I took the week off work and am on vacation at the moment.
Just a little getaway to celebrate my anniversary tomorrow.
Lucas and I have been together for ten years now.
Pretty crazy. I was 17, he was 15.
I traded in a dozen fake friends in the hopes of something more.
And I have no regrets.
I thought now would be the perfect time to show off a mani using
Painted Sabotage - Happy Hearts and Hooves Day
HHHD is a soft pink base full of rose gold glitter, gold squares and a wonderful gold shimmer.
It's incredibly whimsical, like fairy tale cake icing, something I would have died over as a little girl.
Well, this polish was inspired by and co-created by Painted Sabotage's daughter
and her love of My Little Pony ^_^  (I used to love them in the late 80's)

 I decided to keep it cute and fun with my stamping, something a little girl would like.
Bubbles and hearts. Cute, right?
I used Essie - Off the Shoulder and Pueen Buffet plate 51
oh yes, and for HHHD I used three coats for optimum gorgeousness.

I really love the mix of glitter in this. The gold squares are my favourite.
And the little rose gold pieces make me think of strawberry poptarts.
mmmm.... I haven't had a poptart in years.
We haven't been doing a lot of shopping on this trip, but we have been doing a lot of eating,
Amazing breakfasts. Waffles yesterday. Eggs Benny today. On cornbread!! It was so delicious.
And for dinner we've been pubbing it. Live music and Killer Koolades with dinner last night.
But tonight it's Chinese all the way. Fried rice and chow mein here I come!
Just need to make some room first.
Hope you're having a great week!
Don't forget to check out the Spring Spectacular Giveaway!!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Spring Spectacular Giveaway

Hey all!
Exciting news drumroll please...
Some awesome blogger friends and I decided to put together a little something something,
6 awesome prize packs to be won!
All prizes are US only,
 EXCEPT for my prize, which is for a lucky Canadian.

My prize
OPI Sheer Tints mini set & handmade earrings
Cult Nails Casual Elegance Collection: Casual Elegance, Intriguing, & Winter’s Light
KBShimmer What’s Your Damage
Sally Hansen Nail File & Holographic Cosmetic Case

KBShimmer Laugh Myself Lily & Clearly On Top
Sally Hansen Nail File & Other Surprises ;-)

Strike A Rose & Spring In My Step (from the Flourish collection)
Shine-Nanigans & Create A Spark (from the Surprise collection)
China Glaze Coin Purse, Cupcake Nail File, & Five Wood Cuticle Sticks
Seche Vite & Seche Restore Hard Candy Black Tie Optional
Rules & Info
 Giveaway will run from April 7th-28th
You must be 18 or older to enter.
We have the right to request proof of age if it seems appropriate.
Entrants must live in the US or Canada.
 Winners will be matched with an appropriate prize pack.
 All entries will be verified
No following and unfollowing once the giveaway ends.
Unfollowers will be banned from future giveaways. We all worked hard to supply these prizes.
  Winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize from the moment the email is sent.
If the prizes go unclaimed a new winner will be chosen.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Nicole by OPI - On What Grounds

Hey all,
Just a quickie today.
Since there's exciting news coming tomorrow...
I'd like to show off the polish I received in my March Ipsy bag.
Nicole by OPI - On What Grounds
From the new Roughles Collection
On What Grounds is a turquoise leaning robin's egg matte textured polish.
What makes it really special for me are the tiny blue and brown flecks.
The first coat felt like I was applying smoothie to my nails.
The whole matte texture with no sparkle has never quite sat right with me.
But despite that I'm really taken with this polish. It's like stucco from the 60's.
And the colour is so perfect for Spring.

Wear time was fantastic. Removal, a breeze.
If you're down with texture I highly suggest taking a look at this collection.
All four shades are extremely cute, fruity and fun.
I'm seriously dying for a smoothie just thinking about them.
Have a great night!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Taxi Taxi

Hey all,
I'm sitting in my big comfy chair, with the cat perched on top
Wishing it was early enough for tea.
The cat was very good yesterday. Dad was over and she openly played with the toy he bought her.
Then we said "alright, now you have to give grandpa a hug and say thank you"
But that fell on deaf heartless ears.
She's like my angry teenage daughter.
I mean she does have a tattoo. And she wont tell me anything about it.
I swear, one day I'll come home and she'll have piercings and dyed fur.
What next baby? Why do you do this? You're beautiful just as you are!
And then the realization... I'm only mad at her because she reminds me of myself. 
*end scene*
Ok so polish!
Don't mind that piece of flash fiction.
That used to be my specialty in high school.
Back when I was in the writing club.
Now the only time I write is when I blog.
The absurdity builds up till I can hold it no longer.  
Tonight I have a super fun stamp mani featuring
Model City Polish - Corn Maze

Corn Maze is an amazing bright yellow holographic.
I love this shade of yellow. It has a coolness to it that's just perfect.
And the holo is digitalized amazement.

I stamped with Konad - Black using Pueen plate 52
I was feeling a bit all over the place so I went for a skittle look. 
My favourite is the middle finger, I think it's the most fun.
What about you?

 I was calling this the Taxi Manicure before I even started painting.
It could have been Bumblebee, but no.
Because then I wouldn't have gotten a Cher song stuck in my head.
Have you ever heard ... Taxi Taxi?
Thank me later.

Have a great night!
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