Saturday, 28 December 2013

T.N.T. I'm Dynamite

Hey all,
Hope you had an awesome Christmas.
Mine has been both delicious and exhausting. 
I feel like I haven't stopped moving for two weeks.
At least I have managed to be minimally creative. 
I'm working on a little something-something you'll find out all about in January. 
So get excited.

Until then,  Here's my Christmas Day Manicure.
A Simply Smitten Splatter

For months I knew I had to use Smitten Polish - Enchanted Forest & Zelda's Fall-y 
Holographic holiday perfection, like tinsel and ornaments twinkling by the fire.
I hadn't settled on the splatter until the night I painted. 
My heart said I had to, especially since I've never used this technique with holos before.

Zoya - Jacqueline made the perfect eggnog background.
In fact this polish is the perfect background for anything, I love it so!


I Love Nail Polish Gradient

Absolute Zero (deep indigo) & Pt78 (silver)
Looks much more subtle in the photos. Beautiful polishes and so amazing to work with.


Darling Diva - T.N.T.

I was unable to properly capture this one :(  
Deep brown jelly with gold/green/orange shifting shimmer. 
Kind of meh in the bottle, but a whole other story on the nail!(^v^)
And how could you not love a polish inspired by AC/DC?
Check out the video if you want to see some amazing pants and... no shirts allowed.

Have a great weekend! I'm getting my lounge on.

Friday, 20 December 2013

the weather outside is frightful

We have reached the darkest of days. And I yearn to hibernate.
Once it gets close to nine in the evening I'm much too out of it to do anything. 
Crochet puts me to sleep. German? Forget about it.
Feels like lost time.
But I always try to look on the bright side.
In a week it will all be in reversal. 
This moment is fleeting.

I finally tried out my first half moon manicure after being inspired by the mercurial magpie.
 One word of caution though, don't use the plastic binder reinforcements, pain in the ass!
That's what I get for pinching work supplies (;一_一) 
It all worked out so wonderfully in the end though.
Essie - Gold as Gold & OPI - Incognito in Sausalito 


This mani I actually named - Snowfall at Twilight

Nail Pattern Boldness - Texas Tea is AMAZING!! 
This is only TWO coats of a glitter sensation. There is zero pigment in the base. Mind blown.
The colours remind me of Christmas lights, and the iridescent blue flakies lend the perfect glow.
Completely and utterly in love. 

I stamped with Bundle Monster & A-England Excalibur.
I think snowflakes have to be my favourite Christmasy theme. 
I'm not a big Christmas person. Every year that goes by it feels less and less special.
What I wouldn't do just to be able to sleep until the new year.

Ipsy December Glam Bag

I recently signed up with Ipsy , a monthly make up subscription box. 
For $15 ($10 in the US) you get 5 items picked out for you in a cute little bag. 
I didn't exactly know what to expect, but I'm impressed.
Now I'm not a beauty blogger, nor do I aspire to be, so I just have a couple photos and that's it.

In my bag...

Nicka K New York - Ripe Apple
Pop Bauty - Brighten Up Your Life (ha!) Eye Shadow Trio in Naturally Bare
Be A Bombshell - The One Stick in Girl Crush
Nxy - Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in B52
Demeter - Perfume Oil Roll On in Snow

Well I love the eye shadow that will brighten up my life. 
Still waiting for that, but the copper tones look great with my green eyes. Score!
The One Stick I will NEVER use on my lips, since it's frosted bright pink. 
However it's a very natural blush on my fair face. Score!
The lipstick is nice and subtle, creamy understated sophistication. Hat trick!
The roll on oil in Snow wasn't my thing at first. But after wearing it for a few hours it really grew on me.
The oil is such a wonderful, mellow scent experience, I like it a lot. 
In fact... I've already ordered another one of their scents. Major score!

And the Nicka K Nail Polish? (Have you ever heard of them before??)
Well here's a swatch for you. 

Perfect shade for the holidays!
I did another snowy-ish stamp job with it and some Northern Lights Topcoat.

I must have tempted fate because a day after painting this it snowed.
And it doesn't do that all the time here. I'm loving it, it's so beautiful.
But soon enough it will all be slushy disgusting. Yay. (._.)
Puddle jumping my way to my Saturday overtime.
What fun.


Saturday, 14 December 2013

You ought to be who you be if you're coming with me

Early this week I got a little excited with my exacto and gouged myself right close to the nail.
Ugg. So I pretty much left my nails alone all week. Only now is it starting to heal. -_-
Thankfully I was wearing a nice glitter that held up incredibly well.

Esmaltes da Kelly - Serpens - totally makes me think Mint Chocolate Chip
I used Konad Black, Essie - Good as Gold and the Cheeky Viva Mexico plate for the Aztec snakes

Cult Nails - Fetish
I've been lemming this one since seeing LTHP's swatch.
Black with wax finish?! Yes please! This makes me hot!


So I've been nominated for
 the Friendship Blogger Award & The Versatile Blogger award
That means sharing 7 facts about yourself and a shout out to 7 blogs you like.
Here we go.
Random Facts...

1) When I was a child  I was obsessed with The Beatles. I had every album, except for the second part of The White Album. John was my favourite, I would have killed to have his bedroom in the movie Help. I stopped listening to them for a long time now. But I promise you, if you put on any one of their songs, I will know all the lyrics.

2) I also used to be obsessed with horror movies. The first one I ever saw was Evil Dead 2 at the age of 2. It snowballed and by the time I was 10 I had pretty much seen them all. Out of all the epic horror villains my favourite is Freddy Krueger, from The Nightmare on Elm Street series. He had the greatest sense of humour and I always wished he was my friend.

3) I have been crocheting since 2009. I am completely self taught. One day I got this random urge, got a crochet book from the library, and some cheap yarn, and I learned every stitch in that book! I was amazed with myself, since whenever I had watched Nana it looked like insanely complicated magic. Now I crochet every day.

4) I have an incredibly active dream life. I remember most of my dreams and the tone of it sticks with me for a few hours after I wake. I'm finally getting to the point where, occasionally, I am aware I'm moving within a dream. That idea really excites me since all throughout my teen years the majority of my dreams were nightmares.

5)The first concert I ever went to was Oasis on January 23rd 1998 (the Be Here Now Tour) The tickets were my 11th birthday present from my Dad. I asked him about it a few days ago and he said it was a great show, he didn't expect them to be such good musicians. And I was just so excited because it was my first show AND they frisked me. An 11 year old girl. Like what, looking for my knife and booze?

6) In my city, the people that drive cars are assholes. And the people on bikes are self righteous douches. So I walk. Always have, always will. I only want to have to rely on myself. As Fiona Apple sang "I still only travel by foot and by foot it's a slow climb" Otherwise there's too much that gets in the way. If your mode of transportation is a status symbol, then give me the bare minimum.

7) I use my knowledge of astrology and human behaviour/motivation to create my own kind of psychology. And I do quite decently. I have startled a number of acquaintances by perfectly describing people I have never met. I have also amazed my Mum with insights into family friends, deadly accurate observations I had made as a child, but never talked about until years later. I am and will always be an observer.

7 Blogs you should read
Abnorm Nail Behavior - some amazing stamping skills
Colors Frenzy- I have bought many a polish due to her swatches
Lunar Lacquer - she hasn't posted in 3 months :( but this blog got me into indies
Nail a Day - really great combos and such a cute baby :)
Passion or kinda - a great mix of fantastic manicures and crafts
The Nail Art Show - she does some really fun stuff - so cute
Dagadelic - she's already been nominated, but whatever, go check out her manis!

Have a great night and an awesome manicure!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

creepy and sullen and running out of room

It's not even winter yet and mother nature has said "It's on!"
Time to stay in, crank the heat, and drink a bunch of warm beverages.

Models Own - Apple Pie 
(a bluer leaning cousin to Zoya - Neely)
stamped using A-England - Tristam & MoYou Suki 06
It's a scented polish, unfortunately two coats of Seche obliterated any of that.  
But who cares, that colour is just darling.

Smitten Polish - Cocoa and Cardis accented with Sally Hansen - Soy Latte & triangle studs
I obviously had beverages on the brain.
I did this one quite awhile ago. Lost 3 studs in the first 24 hours.  (._.)

Wing Dust - Grey Sky Morning
I put this on the morning after my birthday party. It was exactly what I was feeling that day.
Both this polish and Apple Pie were some of my birthday gifts from Dagadelic (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
She always picks an amazing assortment.Thanks girlfriend! 
I left this polish on for longer than usual. It was so twinkly and mellow.


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Dec 3rd

I've got some catching up to do.
New format. New something.
Something's got to change.
But the awesomeness of my manis have not.
So here's a few, while I try to figure out what to do.

Enchanted Polish - Mean Mr. Mustard with Orly - Space Cadet accent
I was going for art deco opulence. Drool.
And that Mr.Mustard, I tell you. It gets more enchanting each time I wear it.

Cult Nails - Midnight Mist 
My camera couldn't capture it quite right. ಠ_ಠ

But my phone is much truer to the colour and crazy shimmer.
I'm really digging both neutrals and shimmers like never before.

It was recently my birthday so I decided to do something out of this world.
Staring Model City Polish - Hey Ho, Let's Go! 
& the amazing MoYou artist Collection 06

And yes, totally a couple making out on my thumbs.
\(~o~)/ Awesome!

Catch you on the flip.
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