Tuesday, 30 April 2013

7 Deadly Sins Challenge - Lust

Hey all,
How's your week going? And how was your weekend? I spent almost all of Sunday reading. It felt luxurious and went by so quickly. Just snuggling with the cat <3 I fantasize about those kinds of days.

The lovely and talented D from Dagadelic convinced me to join her in a Seven Deadly Sins Challenge hosted by One Nail to Rule Them All & Nail Wish. Bless her ambitious soul. This is the first nail challenge I've ever participated in. I'm glad it's only 7 themes, I think I can handle that without getting frustrated or bored. Here's the poster with each weeks themes.

To start things off we have LUST.
So I'm going to be bad and make the manicure I've always dreamed of.
Before I started doing nail art. Before all the tape manicures, stamping and gradients, there was something my heart desired.
But it just seemed so daunting and intimidating. How could I ever do it?
Time has gone by. I've mastered many a technique. But still never even attempted my one true love.

Until today.

Here's what I've wanted so badly - Galaxy Nails!

I wasn't too keen on it initially, but it turned out better than I expected. 
I felt gimped using tiny pieces of sponge and tweezers. But eventually I got the feel for it.
And it didn't take as long as I thought it would. All in all I'm very pleased.

I'm really glad I faced my fears and finally made it a reality. No longer is it a great unknown!
I need some more practise, but I like that. I can't wait to play around with more colours.
There's a whole universe of possibilities ;)

What do you think? Yay or Nay?
Have you/ would you try a galaxy?

For my base I have one coat of Zoya - Raven and one of Aphrodite Lacquer - Galaxy (seemed fitting)
Then I sponged on Zoya - Purity (also dotted stars) & Richelle
Quo by Orly - Red Hot & Essie - Aruba Blue

Now I have to see what all the other ladies have been up to.
You can check them out too, links below. 

I really like the 7 deadly sins idea. It reminds me of Bedazzled. I love that movie.
The original British version from 1967, not the Elizabeth Hurley one :P
If you haven't seen it, check it out. Raquel Welsh plays the part of Lust. Hubba hubba!

Have a great night and an awesome manicure!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Summer Dots

Hey all,
How's your weekend going? I'm hanging out with my little brother today. Not sure what we're going to do since the weather has taken a wet turn. He's been on his ipad all morning, me on the computer, Lucas reading a book. Sitting in the same room, we have barely spoken to each other, aside from some hockey talk. Soon we'll have to emerge from our inner worlds. Play a game. Watch a movie. Something. It's hard to find motivation on a grey day. 
Tonight is the last NHL game day before the playoffs start. It's exciting. Anything could happen. My Canucks are in. But we wont know who we're playing in the first round until the end of the night. Fingers crossed.

So I had no idea how to follow my last spectacular manicure. 
I was feeling blasé and enlisted my Dad to help. 
I asked him to pick a colour and he went with China Glaze - Solar Power. 
It was a beautiful sunny day when I painted so I felt like a bright and summery dotticure.

I love these colours together. So cheery and fun.
Dotticures always make me think of candy.

For the dots I used Essie's dazzling pink beauty Off The Shoulder
& Ruby Wing's baby blue Moonstone.
Did you know Ruby Wing polishes change colour in the sun? :O

In UV light Moonstone turns from blue to purple!
The day after I painted I walked to work in the sunshine and watched the magic happen.
I was all set to take pictures right after work when a bunch of dense clouds rolled in. :(
This morning they still haven't budged so I had to break out the black-light.
I'm just glad I can still show off the change, I was worried my post would be super lame.

It is definitely a noticeable change.
Especially when you compare them side to side. 

What do you think? Yay or nay UV polish?
I can't wait to try it out when the sun decides to stick around.
It was pretty damn cool watching it change in front of my eyes.
I feel a bit ripped off by the weather gods. But I'll get over it.


Here's another happy cat shot for you.
Everyday should be a happy cat day.

When it starts to get nice outside I start to get a little more country.
Just in the last year or two I discovered that I love bluegrass. 
Especially good old fashioned bluegrass. Even gospel. 
I'm a banjo and vocal harmony fiend. I just can't get enough.
So here's a classic performance by The Stanley Brothers.
They've really got it going on.

Have a great weekend and an awesome manicure.
And if you're following the NHL I wish your team luck :)
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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Holo-Dust Fantastic

Hey all,
How's your week going? 
There are a million little things I wanted to do this evening.
And so far I've only done one :P Argh!
So I'll just let the nails do the talking.

I've been dreaming of combining the Colour Club holos with Zoya PixieDust for a very long time.
And it turned out just as I'd hoped! Drool-tastic! :O

This may be one of the girliest manicures I have ever concocted. 
It feels like I'm wearing a designer handbag on my nails. Does that make sense ?_?

I really REALLY love it though. What do you think?

I did the gradient with Color Club Over the Moon & Miss Bliss
And the next day I used Zoya Godiva and striping tape to create the semi-quilted look. 

I used 6 pieces of tape for each finger. It was a bit time consuming but I did it while watching Gangster Squad.
What a fun movie. The cinematography was amazing, everything looked so good.
And it was quite violent, but in an over the top comic book kind of way. I cheered a few times, it was that much fun :)
If that sounds like your kind of good time, check it out, it's a blast!

I will leave you with Kit-kat looking more blissed out than I have EVER managed to capture her.
I couldn't believe it. Usually she's the picture of cool and reserved. 
I like to think the snugly crocheted blanket had something to do with it. 
When I grow up, I want to be a cat. sigh. 

Have a great night and an awesome manicure!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

London Lightning

Hey all,
Happy weekend! Any plans? I'm going to my favourite tea place today! Finally. I've been putting it off. But I'm almost out of my current favourite, Earl Grey Pu'er, and it's freakin me out. What's your beverage addiction of the moment?

I have been a bad blogger. I was blinded by my rage last post and forgot to thank Nail Polish Canada for including me in their latest instalment of Favourite Swatches of the Week. My Stamp On It manicure was featured alongside some very cool manicures, so check them out! :) 

As an ode to their pick I decided to do another stamp on pixiedust.

I used Zoya - London & A-England - Excalibur
I really love this combo. It's both flashy and subtle.
And I must mention again how amazing A-England is for stamping. Such density and definition!

I'm still really enjoying the textured matter glitter of PixieDust and can't wait for the summer collection.
What do you think of this look? Would you try it?

 Earlier this week D, from Dagadelic, and I spent an evening making nail polish jewellery. It was so much fun. She gave me ideas I hadn't even considered. And the results were amazing. I'll take some pics and post them soon. I'm not actually finished putting together everything we made yet :P We have received some major compliments though, very cool. I think we may have an major addiction looming. :D
And sometime in between jewellery art I need to find the time for nail art. (Expect a gradient.) And reading. And crochet.
I guess it's true. I do love to keep myself busy. Like they say, idle hands are the devils playthings ;) How are you keeping your hands busy?

Have a great weekend and an awesome manicure!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Pretty and Polished - Tomboyish

Hey all,
How's your week going? I went on a bizarre field trip for work yesterday. A co-worker and I drove 45 minutes out of the city to a warehouse. Our mission was to open 300 assembled boxes, add a few items to the kits, and close them back up again. Sweet. And these weren't little boxes (there was a laundry hamper in there). Thankfully my co-worker and I were a good team and totally rocked it. It was an amazing work out. He laughed when I said we would feel it tomorrow, but first thing this morning he told me how sore he was. :P I was going to post last night but I was so drained I couldn't really do anything.

I recently acquired my first Pretty and Polished ...polish. (No better way to say that, sorry) I've had my eye on them for a while but after seeing some very compelling swatches on Lunar Lacquer I took the plunge. (check her out!) 
Pretty and Polished has colour changing polish! Effected by temperature! Just like a toothbrush I had as a child. Once it went from pink to purple you knew you had brushed your teeth long enough. My lord I loved that damn toothbrush. I was hoping I would love this polish even half as much. And I must say, I do! 
This is Tomboyish (with a healthy dose of splatter)

Tomboyish changes from a greyed green when cold to a greyed blue when warm.
With very fine blue iridescent sparkles throughout to give it depth.
As soon as I started painting this on, the colour changed. It was bizarre! And a bit distracting :P

I can't say enough how much I love this polish. It is SO COOL!
As soon as my topcoat dried I ran to the washroom
"Lucas! Wanna play with me in the sink??" He declined.
But they're so awesome in water! It changes so fast! 
And flicking water on it is super cool, you get spots!

I'm prone to chilly fingers but I still found the colour to be constantly changing.
Sometimes I had an amazing gradient going on. Sometimes random splotches, or a solid colour.
I found myself constantly checking to see what my nails were doing next.
Like a mood ring! I love mood rings so much. 

I recommend Pretty and Polished's colour changing polish for little and big girls alike.
It will enchant and entertain, leaving you enamoured.

I used Sally Hansen - Black Out and a juice box straw for the splatter.
My right hand has taken quite a beating this spring.

I really love just the black splatter. What do you think?
What do you think about colour changing polish?

So today at about 9:30 in the morning I was yelled at by my co-worker. She parked her bike in the loading bay, which can barely fit skids through it as it is. So I wheeled it over to her area. This is say, one of a handful of times I have had to do this. But this time she barrels over to me and yells (because this level was not at all what I'd call conversational volume) "Why do you have to put it in the worst possible spot?"
...wow. Ok.
So I calmly tell her she can't leave her bike in the loading bay since we have multiple deliveries each day and it's in the way.
She yells "Why can't you put in outside?"
You have got to be kidding me. So I match her volume and told her "YOU put it outside!"
She stormed away bike in tow.
I was so unbelievably angry. Your bike is not my responsibility.
You put up signs in the lunch room that tell people to put their dishes in the dishwasher because no one else will. But you want me to put YOUR bike outside. Outside where the bike rack is.
And not only that, but you raise your voice with me?!
I have a reputation for being incredibly easy to deal with. Easy going and mellow. Oh yes, and respectful!
There is no reason to ever raise your voice with me. I am not a child. Are you?

This edition of Muse-ic is dedicated to my co-worker
It came on my ipod while walking home and it REALLY hit home
I hope you enjoy!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring. Regardless, I'm ready for a fight.
Have a great night and an awesome manicure!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Nine Years

Hey all,
Happy weekend! How was your week? 
I celebrated my anniversary on the 11th. 
Lucas and I have been together for nine years now. 
Since I was 17... and he was 15 :O 
We met in highschool art class. Of course, it had to be art class. 
We bonded because we were both misunderstood outcasts with a flair for the artistic. 
Nothing much has changed :)
I'm not the type of person to scream my love to the heavens, but I will paint it on my nails.
This one's for Lucas.

On my ring finger I used striping tape and a dotting tool to create Lucas' initials.
When I first met him he drew what I thought was some alien symbol, on everything.
Turns out it was just his initials angled and stacked on top of each other.

On my middle finger I created the roman numeral for 9. It's on the middle finger for a reason.
Over the years there have been people, masquerading as friends, who wanted to split us up.
That finger is for them.

Lucas chose the polish for this manicure.
Topshop - Jewel in the Crown & Zoya - Dahlia
He was a bit disappointed that the teal didn't pop more, but I think it's a striking combination.

I'm not a fan of love songs. Most of them are cheese-ball and gag-tastic.
So for Lucas I chose a rockin Liz Phair song which is closest to my kind of sentiment.

Have a great weekend and an awesome manicure!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Enchanted Polish - Magical Mystery Tour

Hey all,
How's your week going? Got up to anything? 
I finished The Girl Who Played with Fire. Like Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, it's a lot of fun. Lisbeth's secrets are slowly revealed. I think she's a great anti-hero. At turns silent and violent but also incredibly intelligent and moralistic. She's one of the most refreshing and complex female characters we've seen in a long time. Although she's on my role models list, I do have one major criticism. Why does Lisbeth need to get a boob job at the beginning of this book? It makes no sense to me. It made my B cups angry. She was so perfectly empowering and awesome until that moment. You could argue the author was trying to make her more real, giving her self esteem issues to humanize. You could argue. But I'm just a little too disappointed to argue. If the book was written by a woman maybe it would be different...

Well that was my feminist rant for the day. I do recommend the book though. The boob job is rarely mentioned and has nothing to do with anything (which annoyed me even further. You just drop that in there for no reason?...ok no more ranting) 
Now I'm on to the third book! I'll be sad when I'm done. Anyone else reading anything? Any suggestions?

Alright, let's get to the nails. 
Enchanted Polish - Magical Mystery Tour

Is this not absolutely fricken amazing? :D
Look at it in the bottle! :O

Magical Mystery Tour is a truly magical multichrome.
Flashing purple, teal, blue and pink with tiny little holographic particles scattered throughout

No matter what the lighting this always looked like at least two colours at once.
Even in dim lighting, I swear! Absolute perfection!

I originally planned to do some nail art. But I couldn't bring myself to cover any of this beauty up.
What do you think? Magical and Mysterious? 

Here's a little piece of jeebjeeb trivia for you. Magical Mystery Tour was the first ever album I bought with my own money. I think I was in grade 4. My dad was so excited. I didn't understand it at the time, but it was a big deal to him. I get it now. A rite of passage. I remember going to the record store and picking it out. Running home all excited to put it on. Then listening to it over and over again. I was obsessed with the Beatles as a child. OBSESSED. They were my number one till The Spice Girls came around :P Now I can't even listen to The Beatles anymore. 
But every now and then I like to get a little nostalgic and slap on...

Have a great night and an awesome manicure.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Striped Gradient Accents

Hey all,
How was your weekend? I've had a good one. Donuts with the girls on Friday was awesome. Two big cups of tea, fries and gravy, a pork torta, followed by 3 donuts (that I scarfed in one sitting in the of privacy of my home). It was all so delicious that I'm already planning my next visit. :)

I just realized this last week was the two year anniversary of my work relocating to my side of town. It was quite an awesome thing for me because it allowed me to start walking to work. I love my walk. It's just far enough to be good exercise but not so far that I'm exhausted. Being out in the elements everyday has made me feel more connected with nature. I actually know what temperatures feel like now. That statement may sound dumb, but when I see it's 11° I know exactly what to wear that will keep me comfortable. (I've spent a lot of my life being over or under dressed, it gets to be a real pain.) Then of course there's the obvious benefit of exercise. I walk 4.6km a day (2.85 miles for my American friends). Over the  last 2 years I've walked around 2254km or 1400 miles. I think that's pretty cool.

On to the nails! Here's the manicure I had for most of last week.

A dark green shimmer with two gradient and striped accent nails.

I was originally going to cover most of the dark green. I've used it only once before and wasn't very keen on it.
But this time, as I waited for it to dry, it really grew on me. There's a lot of depth and shimmer to it, with just a touch of blue.
I felt bad for my previous disdain and decided it was time for it to shine.

I think the silver and khaki gradient nicely highlights the shimmer.
Not a very spring time colour combo. I think it has a military vibe going.
What do you think? 

I used China Glaze - Gussied Up Green as my base and placed two pieces of striping tape
 then sponged a gradient with A-England - Excalibur & OPI - Uh-Oh Roll down the Window

Last night I went out to a metal show. Pretty rare for me, I'm more of a punk girl. But it was fun none the less. It was an album release gig for Magnus Rising. We're friends of a friend so we were there to show support and get drunk in the process. 
If you like metal, check them out. 
As I watched them play I kept thinking, jesus the bass player has the most amazing mane of curls. 
I wonder what conditioner he uses. I wanted to scream "You're hair is beautiful!!!" Cause that's metal, right? 

Have a great night and an awesome manicure!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter Chevron

Hey all,
How's your week going? 

Mine's been slow. I can't wait for Friday. A night out with some work bitches. I'm going to eat as many donuts as I can. Yes, donuts. It's going to be the greatest worst night ever :) Until then I'm left dreaming of powdered sugar and chocolate whipped cream fillling. Droolling.........
When it comes to baked goods I'm a donut and pie kinda girl. I can't get enough pie. What about you? What desserts do you desire? Totally random, sorry. We just don't have enough amazing donut places around here, so I only get the really good stuff once a year. It's like  a trip to an amusement park. Man that sounds sad. :|

Anyways, nails :P I did this on Easter Sunday. 
Kind of easter egg-ish. My first chevron mani!

I love the mix of creme and holo finish. Simple and flashy.
The Colour Club holos are amazing. Hypnotic and fantastic. Sigh.

I used normal scotch tape, not striping tape, to create the chevrons.
You have to be fast though. The holos like to melt the tape :S 
I can't believe this is my first time creating chevrons. >.< 

Tape manicures are definitely one of my favourite. There are so many things you can do.
What do you think about tape manis? What are your favourite designs?
I used Color Club - Kismet & Eternal Beauty and Zoya - Purity

I was feeling rock n' roll today so I thought I'd leave you with something special. It came on my ipod at work today and it was hard to resist singing along. It's an anthem of sorts. If you've never heard The Supersuckers you are in for a treat. Here's "Born with a Tail" Enjoy!

What do you think? Doesn't that chorus make you want to sing? "You know! I'm in league with Satan..."
Ahh so good. Have a great night and an awesome manicure!
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