Thursday, 24 April 2014

Breath of Creampuff or Ruff Tough Spring

 Hey all,
Another lazy late night post coming your way.
I paired two amazing indies for the ultimate in spring looks.
This is the manicure I wore for my getaway two weeks ago.
I had it all planned at least a week in advance.
(yep, I'm that kind of crazy.)
Say hello to Scofflaw - Ruff Tough Creampuff
covered in Model City Polish - Breath of Spring 

Breath of Spring has pink and blue micro glitter and squares, blues hexes, pink and purple circles
And the cherry on top, holographic pigment.
Which makes a lovely addition to Creampuff's stunning shimmer.
If this polish was a bouquet, the holo pigment would be Baby's Breath. <3

 This was everything I'd hoped it would be and more. I'm in love with Breath of Spring.
It echoes the colours of clear skies, cherry blossoms and sunshine.
There is nothing else quite like it.
Alright, that's it, time to pass out.
Have a great night!

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