Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Taxi Taxi

Hey all,
I'm sitting in my big comfy chair, with the cat perched on top
Wishing it was early enough for tea.
The cat was very good yesterday. Dad was over and she openly played with the toy he bought her.
Then we said "alright, now you have to give grandpa a hug and say thank you"
But that fell on deaf heartless ears.
She's like my angry teenage daughter.
I mean she does have a tattoo. And she wont tell me anything about it.
I swear, one day I'll come home and she'll have piercings and dyed fur.
What next baby? Why do you do this? You're beautiful just as you are!
And then the realization... I'm only mad at her because she reminds me of myself. 
*end scene*
Ok so polish!
Don't mind that piece of flash fiction.
That used to be my specialty in high school.
Back when I was in the writing club.
Now the only time I write is when I blog.
The absurdity builds up till I can hold it no longer.  
Tonight I have a super fun stamp mani featuring
Model City Polish - Corn Maze

Corn Maze is an amazing bright yellow holographic.
I love this shade of yellow. It has a coolness to it that's just perfect.
And the holo is digitalized amazement.

I stamped with Konad - Black using Pueen plate 52
I was feeling a bit all over the place so I went for a skittle look. 
My favourite is the middle finger, I think it's the most fun.
What about you?

 I was calling this the Taxi Manicure before I even started painting.
It could have been Bumblebee, but no.
Because then I wouldn't have gotten a Cher song stuck in my head.
Have you ever heard ... Taxi Taxi?
Thank me later.

Have a great night!

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