Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Neely by the Sea

Hey all,
 Happy Humpday.
Tonight I have one of my favourite polishes
Zoya - Neely
The cremes of last years Lovely collection are still tops with me. Big time.

Stamped with AEngland - Excalibur Renaissance
Using MoYou London Sailor Plate 05
Belugas on my accent and beachy awesomness on the rest.

 I love this so much! The little starfish and shells are too cute.
 The belugas are kind of bizarre. They look like messed up budgies to me.
Still cute though, so whatev.
Which old collections are still setting your heart on fire?
Have a great night!
I'm off to do some crochet and celebrate Montréal's win over Boston. ^_^

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