Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Porcelain Pop

Hey all,
I have been a very lax blogger as of late. My bad.
I've been feeling a shift in my life. A refocusing.
It's about time.
And I've been watching a lot of playoff hockey.
Like every night.
And my team isn't even in it.
But it's such good hockey!
It's like watching a singer you're not into but still awed by their talent.
Any who. . . manicure pour vu.
 The Lady Varnishes - Porcelain Doll stamped with China Glaze - Grape Pop

 Porcelain Doll is a very sweet lilac base, though my pictures are leaning bluer,
With stunning gold fleck and maybe a bit of pink shimmer (?)
The Lady Varnishes really knows how to make intriguing polishes.
They always surprise me with the little details, that little extra zazz you didn't expect.

I stamped with Pueen Buffet Plate 54 :)
Well, that's all folks.
Have a great night and watch some playoff hockey one of these days!
It's the best soap opera around!

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