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A Selection of Aliquid Lacquer The Silmarillion Collection and Giveaway

*polish provided for review*

Hey all,
This is the first time I've ever written that little disclaimer up there! (✿◠‿◠)
When Alison of Aliquid Lacquer contacted me about reviewing some of her latest collection I jumped at the chance.
I've come to expect intriguing combinations and flawless formulas from this brand.
The Silmarillion Collection does not disappoint. 
Based off of one of Alison's favourite books : J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion.
I may not be a Tolkien person, but I love art influencing other art, especially literature. 
Each polish is inspired by different scenes in the book.
My post is super long as is, so I decided not to include the passages.
If you wish to read them check out Aliquid's blog.
So as not to be repetitive,
I used one coat of Seche Vite base and top coat for each swatch.

Devouring Wave

Devouring Wave is a deep blue jelly full of multiple sized hexes and shreds.
Red, blue, silver, green, purple, there may even be more colours.
But the array doesn't end there. 
The glitter also varies between metallic, holographic AND iridescent. 
(@_@;)  Fantastic.

I used three thin coats for optimum oomph. The third coat really gave it depth and shine.
The formula was easy to work with. Not too thick or thin. 
 I had no trouble getting glitter and they dispersed themselves quite nicely.

I think the name is perfect for this one. It makes me think if glittery flotsam and jetsam in the ocean deep.
I'm a fool for blue and jellies with glitter. So this is a hit with me. I've been devoured.


Dragonspell is an amber jelly with plenty of green shimmer and gold flakes.

I used three thin coats, if I had steadier hands two coats would have been fine.
The formula was very nice. Like butter, which is standard for Aliquid.
The gold flakes really pop in any type of lighting and lends a tortoiseshell look to the polish. 

The addition of green shimmer makes this spell magical. It really glows in direct light.
This is such a unique polish. Mystifying is the best word I can think of.

Hidden City

Hidden City is a deep green holo with copper, bronze and gold flecks.

I used two coats for polished perfection. Great formula. Super smooth.
In low lighting the flakes come out to play, resulting in a very interesting metallic look.

But in direct light this one is a bit of a show off. Look at that holographic splendour!  
Green with rainbows? Everything I've ever wanted (+_+) 

Shores of Paradise

Shores of Paradise is a slightly sandy tinted base full of brown, gold and white microglitter.
And a smattering of red, aqua, blue, garnet and clear iridescent hexes make this suuuper interesting. 

I used three thin coats and then couldn't stop staring.
Again, the formula totally rocked and was super easy to work with.
I'm sure this would also look amazing layered over another polish, and will try that one day.

It was love at first slight with this one. So incredibly cool!
The coloured glitters are the most awesomely offbeat mix, as I've come to expect from this brand.
Again, I've never seen anything like it. 
Just based on the four polishes I have, I'm really impressed with this collection.
Each polish seems very well thought out. Very lovingly crafted.
I think it's a stand out unique mix.There's something for everyone.
Along with swatches I wanted to have some fun with the polish.
So I have two nail art looks for you.

Stamped with Konad - Black using Pueen Plate 56
I think the stars are a perfect match to Shores of Paradise. Makes me think of sand castles.

What I'm wearing at the moment is a Dragonspell / Hidden City half moon.
I watched the trailer for the new Ninja Turtles film before I painted, so that may have influenced me.
(Movie looks like shit if you ask me. I loved TMNT growing up. 
Why'd you mess with the story Bay??!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ )
As for the nails, they're weird, for sure, but I like it. The green shimmer with the green holo.
It's earthy but also not of this world.
What do you think if this half moon combo?

Ginger Rose Lipbalm

Aliquid also makes wonderful lip balms and she was kind enough to send the new Ginger Rose scent.
I have been a Burt's Bees girl for many years now. But I swear to you that Aliquid's are even nicer.
They're less waxy and in my opinion feel lighter and creamier. 
Ginger Rose is a lovely scent, exotic and mysterious. Gently floral with a little hint of zing.
Reminds me of Chinatown in the spring.


To celebrate the new collection Aliquid is having a giveaway!
One lucky winner could receive three polishes of their choosing from the new collection.
(Canada and US only. Must be 18 or older.)
Check out the form below and good luck!

If you like what you saw and want to see the rest of this collection check out Aliquid's blog.
You can purchase polish from the Etsy store.
Stay up to date on Facebook.
Or sign up for the Newsletter.
I hope you enjoyed my very first review.
And I hope you saw a little pretty that piques your interest.
I can't wait to try other fun combinations and techniques with these polishes.
Have a great night!

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