Sunday, 7 April 2013

Striped Gradient Accents

Hey all,
How was your weekend? I've had a good one. Donuts with the girls on Friday was awesome. Two big cups of tea, fries and gravy, a pork torta, followed by 3 donuts (that I scarfed in one sitting in the of privacy of my home). It was all so delicious that I'm already planning my next visit. :)

I just realized this last week was the two year anniversary of my work relocating to my side of town. It was quite an awesome thing for me because it allowed me to start walking to work. I love my walk. It's just far enough to be good exercise but not so far that I'm exhausted. Being out in the elements everyday has made me feel more connected with nature. I actually know what temperatures feel like now. That statement may sound dumb, but when I see it's 11° I know exactly what to wear that will keep me comfortable. (I've spent a lot of my life being over or under dressed, it gets to be a real pain.) Then of course there's the obvious benefit of exercise. I walk 4.6km a day (2.85 miles for my American friends). Over the  last 2 years I've walked around 2254km or 1400 miles. I think that's pretty cool.

On to the nails! Here's the manicure I had for most of last week.

A dark green shimmer with two gradient and striped accent nails.

I was originally going to cover most of the dark green. I've used it only once before and wasn't very keen on it.
But this time, as I waited for it to dry, it really grew on me. There's a lot of depth and shimmer to it, with just a touch of blue.
I felt bad for my previous disdain and decided it was time for it to shine.

I think the silver and khaki gradient nicely highlights the shimmer.
Not a very spring time colour combo. I think it has a military vibe going.
What do you think? 

I used China Glaze - Gussied Up Green as my base and placed two pieces of striping tape
 then sponged a gradient with A-England - Excalibur & OPI - Uh-Oh Roll down the Window

Last night I went out to a metal show. Pretty rare for me, I'm more of a punk girl. But it was fun none the less. It was an album release gig for Magnus Rising. We're friends of a friend so we were there to show support and get drunk in the process. 
If you like metal, check them out. 
As I watched them play I kept thinking, jesus the bass player has the most amazing mane of curls. 
I wonder what conditioner he uses. I wanted to scream "You're hair is beautiful!!!" Cause that's metal, right? 

Have a great night and an awesome manicure!


  1. Great Blog Gio! Thank u so much for coming out to the show! I will ask Matt what kind of conditioner he uses. LOVE the nails : )


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