Saturday, 27 April 2013

Summer Dots

Hey all,
How's your weekend going? I'm hanging out with my little brother today. Not sure what we're going to do since the weather has taken a wet turn. He's been on his ipad all morning, me on the computer, Lucas reading a book. Sitting in the same room, we have barely spoken to each other, aside from some hockey talk. Soon we'll have to emerge from our inner worlds. Play a game. Watch a movie. Something. It's hard to find motivation on a grey day. 
Tonight is the last NHL game day before the playoffs start. It's exciting. Anything could happen. My Canucks are in. But we wont know who we're playing in the first round until the end of the night. Fingers crossed.

So I had no idea how to follow my last spectacular manicure. 
I was feeling blasé and enlisted my Dad to help. 
I asked him to pick a colour and he went with China Glaze - Solar Power. 
It was a beautiful sunny day when I painted so I felt like a bright and summery dotticure.

I love these colours together. So cheery and fun.
Dotticures always make me think of candy.

For the dots I used Essie's dazzling pink beauty Off The Shoulder
& Ruby Wing's baby blue Moonstone.
Did you know Ruby Wing polishes change colour in the sun? :O

In UV light Moonstone turns from blue to purple!
The day after I painted I walked to work in the sunshine and watched the magic happen.
I was all set to take pictures right after work when a bunch of dense clouds rolled in. :(
This morning they still haven't budged so I had to break out the black-light.
I'm just glad I can still show off the change, I was worried my post would be super lame.

It is definitely a noticeable change.
Especially when you compare them side to side. 

What do you think? Yay or nay UV polish?
I can't wait to try it out when the sun decides to stick around.
It was pretty damn cool watching it change in front of my eyes.
I feel a bit ripped off by the weather gods. But I'll get over it.


Here's another happy cat shot for you.
Everyday should be a happy cat day.

When it starts to get nice outside I start to get a little more country.
Just in the last year or two I discovered that I love bluegrass. 
Especially good old fashioned bluegrass. Even gospel. 
I'm a banjo and vocal harmony fiend. I just can't get enough.
So here's a classic performance by The Stanley Brothers.
They've really got it going on.

Have a great weekend and an awesome manicure.
And if you're following the NHL I wish your team luck :)
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  1. So cute! Love the colors in this manicure :) You know I love dotting so this was awesome to see :D

    1. All your super cute manis made me do it ;)

  2. Flippin love the colour combo.
    & I can definitely see the colour change - I'm glad you had a chance to capture it.
    I think my favourite part of this post is Kit. So content!

    1. And of course I took it off last night so now it's trying to be bright out :P
      Isn't she so happy? It's crazy.


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