Saturday, 20 April 2013

London Lightning

Hey all,
Happy weekend! Any plans? I'm going to my favourite tea place today! Finally. I've been putting it off. But I'm almost out of my current favourite, Earl Grey Pu'er, and it's freakin me out. What's your beverage addiction of the moment?

I have been a bad blogger. I was blinded by my rage last post and forgot to thank Nail Polish Canada for including me in their latest instalment of Favourite Swatches of the Week. My Stamp On It manicure was featured alongside some very cool manicures, so check them out! :) 

As an ode to their pick I decided to do another stamp on pixiedust.

I used Zoya - London & A-England - Excalibur
I really love this combo. It's both flashy and subtle.
And I must mention again how amazing A-England is for stamping. Such density and definition!

I'm still really enjoying the textured matter glitter of PixieDust and can't wait for the summer collection.
What do you think of this look? Would you try it?

 Earlier this week D, from Dagadelic, and I spent an evening making nail polish jewellery. It was so much fun. She gave me ideas I hadn't even considered. And the results were amazing. I'll take some pics and post them soon. I'm not actually finished putting together everything we made yet :P We have received some major compliments though, very cool. I think we may have an major addiction looming. :D
And sometime in between jewellery art I need to find the time for nail art. (Expect a gradient.) And reading. And crochet.
I guess it's true. I do love to keep myself busy. Like they say, idle hands are the devils playthings ;) How are you keeping your hands busy?

Have a great weekend and an awesome manicure!


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