Monday, 13 May 2013

Jamaican Mon-icure

Hey all,
Happy Monday :|
How was your weekend?
I didn't finish my crochet project as I'd hoped. I spent too much time zoned out on the net :P
But it was worth it and not a complete waste of time. So new goal, finish project by end of the week.
I'm pretty leisurely when the projects are only for me. I actually started this one in June of last year. :S

Thankfully I was able to complete a manicure.

I did a lovely tape job using the other Nubar polishes from the same collection as My New Obsession
And I couldn't resist topping it with Northern Lights topcoat.
I have a feeling this is going to happen quite often :)

But after all that I didn't feel that the manicure was done yet.
3 colours and glitter, but just not satisfied.
So I decided I had to try water spotted nails

But I was in one of those incredibly ambitious AND lazy moods.
I re-watched some tutorials and was totally ready for a new challenge.
Except I didn't have any spray hand sanitiser (as most tutorials call for) and I was too lazy to go to the store.

Instead I searched my bathroom for anything in a spray container with alcohol as the main ingredient.
And viola! Lucas' old and unused hair spray! I was saved!

Well... maybe not. 
Here's a warning for you. If you are going to attempt the water spotted technique do not use an aerosol can.
I either sprayed too little or waaaaay too much, obliterating the polish. 
I should have known better. But I was determined to see it through.

 Despite my frustrations, I like it. I'm satisfied. manicure complete. 
What do you think? Did I ruin a perfectly good tape up?

 I'd have to say my favourite finger is the thumb on the right.
That was the first one I did and it looks the most like a true water spotted.
I used Sally Hansen - Blackout, Nubar - On the Radar, Resort Yellow & Into the Wild and Northern Lights.

Everyone at work commented on how Jamaican my colours were.
So that's why I named it my Jamaican Mon-icure.
And to continue with that theme...


Of course I have to pick a Bob Marley tune.
But I never pick the obvious, no matter how much I love Jamming or I Shot the Sheriff.
Did you know before Bob was the king of rasta he was a teen hearthrob?
I didn't learn this till I recently watched Marley a documentary from 2012.
That's why I love documentaries. You learn so much!
Like Bob Marley and the Wailers covering American teen songs and infusing them with ska flavour in 1963!

Have a great week and an awesome manicure!


  1. The manicure still looks good even with the water spotted design on top :) Glitter on top is always good too!

    1. Thanks Lisa. I love this glitter so much <3

  2. I like both manicures. One's clean, the other's chaotic. & that song! I love me some rasta. I think I'm going to have to watch that documentary now.

    1. Thanks D!
      You should totally watch it. There's so much more to Bob than ganja and fathering a crazy amount of children. You'll be totally fascinated.

  3. I have yet to try this but I love that you did it over multiple colors. Brilliant! I personally like the chaos and the individuality each nail brings to the table.

    1. Thank you! I'll definitely try this again, once I get the right equipment. I like not knowing exactly how it'll turn out. I'm always surprised.

  4. Hey! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Best Blog Award :)


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