Saturday, 4 May 2013

Jawbreaker and the Liebster.

Hey all,
How's your weekend going? It was a crazy beautiful day today. I got out and played frisbee for the first time this year. And then did my nails on the balcony. I love warm weather. It just makes you feel good.

I've had this idea for a manicure rattling around in my brain for a while.

A black and white gradient with multi coloured splatter.

I call it Jawbreaker.

I used Zoya Raven & Purity for the gradient
Quo by Orly - Red Hot, Sally Hansen - Mint Sprint & Nubar - Resort Yellow as splatter

The Liebster 

Lisa from The Polish Playground was nice enough to nominate me for a Liebster Award. If you don't know what that is, well, it's not really an award. It's more of a share the love kind of thing. Bloggers recognizing and supporting fellow bloggers. 
This is how it works ...

When you get nominated:
1. Write up 11 random facts about yourself.
2. Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
3. Create 11 new questions for your nominees. 
4. Nominate 11 other bloggers who have under 200 followers.

I think it's a really interesting idea. But I wont be following every rule to this chain letter. We'll come to that later. 
First up, 11 random facts about me.

1. When I was born my parents lived in Chinatown, which greatly influenced my life. I feel the most at ease when I'm surrounded by Asians. Like at Dim Sum on Sunday mornings :)
2. I didn't learned how to use chopsticks till I was 17. My boyfriend forced me to learn using noodles and  a lot of patience. Praise him! Certain food just taste better with sticks.
3. I'm absolutely terrible at recalling quotes. I even screw up my long time favourites. But I can remember obscure lyrics and sing songs word for word that I haven't heard for years. 
4. I am 100% naturally blonde. 
5. Both my parents hated their middle names so they didn't give me one.
6. I cannot drive a car. And I don't bike. I walk.
7. In real life I swear ALOT. Swears give flavour to your sentiments. I can't help it. I like it. But I have tried to keep it off the blog. Reading it off the page is a lot different than seeing & hearing it come out of my mouth. It's all in the delivery.
8. I have four piercings, all in my ears, and no tattoos. I could never be content with the same image on my skin for the rest of my life. I'm too changeable. Freckles are good enough for me.
9. Before I was born my father had two dreams that I would be born a cat. I have had a dream that I gave birth to a cat. :| What would Freud say?
10. I fantasize about doing drag performances. Lipsynching songs while dressed as a man.
11. My best girlfriend is also my sister (in-law) and fellow blogger D from Dagadelic. Despite our 5 year age difference we see eye to eye on most everything. (Love you girl!)

Here are the questions from Lisa:
1. What are some of the first blogs you started following?
- Scrangie, Nailasaurus, Chalkboard Nails
2. What made you start a blog?
- I had been posting nail photos on facebook but it just didn't feel like the proper venue to showcase my art. I wanted to create some form of art journal, since I hadn't been photographing every manicure. I was inspired by Dagadelic and decided to try my hand at a blogs. A public journal of sorts. My year on my nails. 
3. Who inspires you in life?
- Insanely passionate artists like Marina Abramovic and Yayoi  Kusama. But everyone in my life inspires me in some way. Without those people, I wouldn't be able to create art. 
4. Do you own any pets?
- A beautiful brown tabby cat named Kit-Kat. 
5. Fondest childhood memory?
- I can't remember anything specific, but any time I was at a lake or camping I was happy as a clam. I'd spend all day hanging out in the water, riding my bike, going for little hikes and climbing rocks. Being in nature made me happy.
6. Sun, rain or snow?
-Sun for sure. Although sometimes I like a nice rainy inside day. 
7. How much nail polish do you own in your collection?
- I just made my little brother count :P and he said 93! Woah. That sounds like a ton but I swear I often think that I don't have enough.
8. What's your biggest nail polish lemming right now?
- Half of the Zoya Summer PixieDust collection and INM Northern Lights.
9. What's your top 5 favourite nail polish colours?
Orly - Space Cadet
Enchanted Polish - Magical Mystery Tour
Color Club - Beyond
Zoya - Frida
Pretty & Polished - Tomboyish
10. Does anyone else you know in real life have a nail polish addiction like you?
- Yes, my close friend D at Dagadelic. She's been an addict long before I. Thankfully she's been able to guide me in my polish adventures. I had known her for 4 years before I started doing my nails. So it's very cool that we have now have this shared passion. It's like speaking a secret language or being in a club.
11. What one item will you always recommend everyone to try?
Common courtesy. Every day it seems people are getting ruder and ruder.

So here comes the part where you have to nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers who haven't already been nominated. I've also heard of versions where you pick 5 bloggers with under 3000 followers. Sounds like a game of Telephone to me. And considering the award isn't real... I'm going to break the rules. I gave all my eligible nomination candidates to Dagadelic. Instead I propose that if you are interested, answer my questions in the comments. Or if you have a blog, post them. I nominate anyone reading this. Make your own rules. Answer any questions you want. Go for it.

1. Do you remember your dreams? And if so, are they usually positive or negative?
2. If you could time travel, what era would you like to visit most?
3. Are there any hobbies or crafts you are interested in taking up?
4. Name one thing you hated as a child that you now enjoy.
5. What was the first album you ever bought?
6. What's your favourite ride at an amusement park?
7. Who is your favourite artist?
8. Name a movie you've watched a million times and never get sick of.
9. When you were in kindergarten, what did you want to be when you grew up?
10. Name a celebrity that irritates you.
11. What's your favourite kind of candy?

Next post I'll be answering Dagadelic's questions because I thought she had some really good ones.
Tonight I'm going to attempt to make some non-nail related art. Wish me luck!
Have a great night and an awesome manicure!


  1. Your manicure looks so cool! I really need to try a splatter manicure if it looks like that :D Thanks for answering my questions too! Its was really fun to read.

    1. It was really fun to write. Thanks again for the nomination.
      You should totally try a splatter. Just make sure you blow really hard, it takes a lot of force. Pretend you're sneezing and it'll splatter just perfectly.

  2. My jaw dropped to the floor (pun definitely intended). Freaking awesome. Great colours too, such impact.
    & I feel honoured to be featured in your facts! I love our little secret club.

    1. Thank you. I knew you would love it.

      Our secret club is perfect. It combines your love of glamour and flash, and my love of DIY art rebellion. And thankfully we are able to equally match each others passion!


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