Monday, 27 May 2013

Cheeky Stamping Extravaganza

Hey all,
Last week I had the pleasure of going to Dagadelic's university graduation ceremony. 
We made an event of it, dinner with friends and a concert.
In honour of her day I told her to inspire my manicure.
So she says...
"Purple, sparkle, stamping"
The first 2 are D to a T.
And stamping?
Hallelujah girlfriend!
Perfect time to use my new Cheeky Stamping Plate "Viva Mexico"

"Don't walk behind me; I may not lead
Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow.
Walk beside me and be my friend"
Albert Camus

This one's for you D!

A holographic/creme gradient with skull stamps!
I know it's kinda strange, skulls for a graduation. 
But the large sugar skull reminded me of one of D's old Halloween costumes. 
And I just went with it. 
Graduation. Movement. Growth. Change. Mortality.
There. Now it makes sense.

Unfortunately I was being lazy and didn't snap pictures until 3 days after painting.
But it held up incredibly well, with minor filing. 
I'm really happy with it. The colours are great together.
Everything pops :)

I had to do some of the smaller stamps on my thumbs. 
They're too cute to pass up! I love that little mariachi! 

I used Color Club - Eternal Beauty & Sally Hansen - Lively Lilac for the gradient
And stamped with A-England - Tristam 

I'm really happy with my Cheeky Viva Mexico plate. 
The images are etched quiet deeply and transfer amazingly. 
This plate especially is like none other I've seen before.
This is right up my alley, I'm a sucker for Mexicana.
If you like stamping, check out Cheeky
Great prices, fast shipping, tons of selection.

Here's the first manicure I created using the plate.

The images are larger than Bundle Monster so you don't have to worry about being so precise. 

I love the guy on my thumb. It looked absolutely amazing.
So bold and crisp.

I used Color Club - Over the Moon
& Zoya - Reagan

That's it folks.
Time for hotdogs with my little brother. 
Going to load up on hotdog relish (my favourite) and sauerkraut! Om nom!
 Have a great Monday and an awesome rest of the week.


  1. Great manicures! I really need to get myself a stamping set or something. You can do so much with them :)

    1. Thanks! You totally should. It can be quite frustrating at first, but once you get the hang of it stamping's awesome.

  2. You already know I loved both of these but I just had to comment. So freaking good! & I love the quote too. Thank you for coming out and being part of my day <3


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