Saturday, 28 December 2013

T.N.T. I'm Dynamite

Hey all,
Hope you had an awesome Christmas.
Mine has been both delicious and exhausting. 
I feel like I haven't stopped moving for two weeks.
At least I have managed to be minimally creative. 
I'm working on a little something-something you'll find out all about in January. 
So get excited.

Until then,  Here's my Christmas Day Manicure.
A Simply Smitten Splatter

For months I knew I had to use Smitten Polish - Enchanted Forest & Zelda's Fall-y 
Holographic holiday perfection, like tinsel and ornaments twinkling by the fire.
I hadn't settled on the splatter until the night I painted. 
My heart said I had to, especially since I've never used this technique with holos before.

Zoya - Jacqueline made the perfect eggnog background.
In fact this polish is the perfect background for anything, I love it so!


I Love Nail Polish Gradient

Absolute Zero (deep indigo) & Pt78 (silver)
Looks much more subtle in the photos. Beautiful polishes and so amazing to work with.


Darling Diva - T.N.T.

I was unable to properly capture this one :(  
Deep brown jelly with gold/green/orange shifting shimmer. 
Kind of meh in the bottle, but a whole other story on the nail!(^v^)
And how could you not love a polish inspired by AC/DC?
Check out the video if you want to see some amazing pants and... no shirts allowed.

Have a great weekend! I'm getting my lounge on.

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