Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Duri Rejuvacote 1 Review

*This was provided for review from Nail Polish Canada*

Hey all,
I have something a little different for you today.
I'll be telling you all about Duri Rejuvacote 1 Nail Growth System.
I've never used any nail strengtheners before since my nails are pretty healthy.
But they do get banged up a fair deal at work, being jammed into boxes and paper all day long.
My usual care routine was just buffing and moisturizing, which did a decent job.
Still, I often wondered what kind of results I would see with a strengthener.
With so many on the market I didn't know where to start.
When Nail Polish Canada contacted me in June about doing this review I jumped at the chance.
Were they reading my mind?

Photo from nailpolishcanada.com
Now first off I want to tell you that I did not follow Duri's instructions. (strike me down!)
And those instructions are...
Begin with clean dry nails. 
Apply one coat of Rejuvacote as base coat. Apply nail color if desired.
Apply Rejuvacote as top coat, daily. 
After 7 days, remove with polish remover.
 As your nails improve, apply every other day or as needed
Why did I go against their wishes?
#1 - Rejuvacote makes a horrible topcoat.
 I painted my nails a good 4 hours before going to bed but still ended up with sheet marks the next day >:(
So if you plan on rocking some awesome nail art while using this, don't use it as a topcoat!
#2 - I'm waaay too polish obsessed to stop painting for any length of time.
I'm sure this works best used all on it's own, but sorry, not sorry, can't do it!
I decided what would work best for me would be to use it as a basecoat only.
Initially I felt kind of bad, not using it to it's full potential.
But then I thought, there must be tons of other ladies out there just like me.
Too stubborn and passionate to put painting on hold.
So this review is for you!

I tried out Rejuvacote for two months.
I wanted to give it enough time to work it's reported magic.
I used one coat every 2-4 days (my painting schedule has been a little all over the place)

The first change I noticed, a few weeks in, was that my cuticles began growing quite quickly.
Every other day I was like, what the hell? I just took care of you!
But then I remembered I was using Rejuvacote, ha!
And if your cuticles are growing faster, well, something's happening on that nail bed alright.

About a month in I noticed that now my nails were growing much faster.
I would file them down short and two days later it was like I hadn't filed them at all.
And the chipping that usually haunted the corners of certain nails had all but disappeared!

The true test was two months in, when I went on vacation.
I was swimming all the time, not being rough with my hands, but definitely not being gentle.
I didn't have a single break during that week. No splitting. Nothing.
My nails felt strong! In fact, I stabbed myself with them again (take that palm of the hand!)
I had expected to cut them down super short by the time I returned home, so I was pleasantly surprised.

before Rejuvacote
The proof is in the pudding, not the pictures.
As far as the look of my nails, the yellowing has faded quite a bit.
Other than that, photos don't do justice to how fast they grow or how strong they are.
So I stopped taking them after 3 weeks.

3 weeks of use
I have to say Duri Rejuvacote 1 performed as promised!
(At least for me and my body chemistry, not everyone will have the same results)
It might have taken a little longer, but that's what happens when you don't play by the rules. ;P
I don't think I'll replace my usual basecoat with it.
But I will definitely use it for a month every three months to stay in shape. :)

If you'd like to give it a try you can purchase it from Nail Polish Canada here.

A big thank you to Nail Polish Canada for giving me this opportunity!

Have a great week!
And don't stab yourself with your nails! :)

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