Monday, 4 August 2014

summertime and the living is easy

Hey all!
I'm baaaacck....*Poltergeist style* 
My week away was cloud free and fantastic.
Days full of reading, swimming and bracelet making. Heaven!
Lucas brought his bb gun and I tried it for the first time. Surprisingly, I'm not bad at it!
Definitely something I want to play with more.
So I gave my Dad hell for not getting me one a as a kid. What the hell Dad??
I couldn't been a sharp shooter by now!
Would have been used way more than the fishing rod he got me.
I've got two simple stamping manis for you today.
Featuring two very lovely indie polishes.
First up...
ILNP - Charmingly Purple
A super sweet bright purple holo
I stamped with Sally Hansen - Lickety Split Lime using MoYou London Suki Plate 09
On a few nails I used Sally Hansen - Lightening and did a little dotting.

I really love the Dragonflies. Especially after spending a week surrounded by them.
Did you know they eat mosquitoes, flies and wasps? Best insects ever!
Cult Nails - Radiance
A beautiful berry creme, Cult Nail's nod to the colour of the year

This polish was just begging for some gold accents, so I used Essie - Good As Gold
and stamped with Messy Mansion Plate MM32
As usual with Messy Mansion the detail is insane and the end result is gorgeous.
I am so in love with this hieroglyph stamp!
So I didn't get a sunburn the entire trip.
But I went to the beach with my parents yesterday and burnt my back.
So I'm going to moisturize and take a nap now. I'm a bit zonked.
Have a good one!

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