Monday, 25 August 2014

Model City Polish - Licker

Hey all,
I liked my last mani so much I wanted to do it all over again!
This time featuring Model City Polish - Licker and some chevrons.

Licker is a beautiful coral polish full of itty bitty red flecks.
And the flecks really glow in the light, warm and brilliant like fire.
I didn't expect to love this one as much as I do. ^_^

artificial light

I used one coat of Model City Polish - Hanging On A Vine on my accent finger
and two chevrons, for what turned out to be a bit of a military look.
The only Army I'm signing up for is the Model City Army!


Licker is just phenomenal in the sunlight. Bright and vibrant without being neon.
Quite a kick ass coral, I must say. Not usually a colour I gravitate to.
But I'm definitely being converted. :)

Hope you all have a great week!
In one week my little brother starts high school!
Mauahaha! The horror begins! ;P

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