Friday, 29 August 2014

One Month Ago...

Hey all,
One month ago I was on my houseboat vacation.
And I haven't yet shown you what I decided to wear that week.
I've been putting it off.
If I don't post that mani maybe it means the vacation never ended.
So without further ado, my holiday companion...
KBShimmer - Look High And Holo
These photos were taken two days after I painted, on the first beach we stopped at.
I should have posed holding a rock or a branch, dammit!
Look High and Holo is a raspberry jelly packed with a whole assortment of holographic glitters.
So many colours of hexes, squares and micro glitter! *brain explodes*

This polish was everything I wanted it to be. And it looked just awesome under water.
Every swim I felt like a regal mythical creature. A mermaid that likes pink instead of blue. ^_~
Unfortunately I did start picking at it part way through the week.
It looked something horrid by the time we got home. >"<
Happy Friday night y'all!
Time for a couple shots and a good tv show!
Have a great long weekend!


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