Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Stamp on it!

Hey all.
How was your weekend? I hung out with my wee bro on Sunday. We made rice krispie squares without Rice Krispies. It was my idea to use Reese's cereal and Cap'n Crunch. And wow. Sugar bomb! I was kicking myself after. It's so sweet even my brother could barely eat any. I only have to learn this lesson once. Branch out and experiment by all means, but keep at least 40% rice krispie content. Trust me.
Slowly I'm trying to make my way through this candied monster. It breaks my heart. If I had the right proportions it would have been finished Sunday night. Instead it sits on the table screaming "Why don't you love me? You MADE me!" If it was a child I'd have to keep it in the attic. When was the last time something sounded delicious in your head but didn't pan out in reality? I hate when that happens. :P

I did make one really great discovery this weekend though! (It wasn't all empty calories and cavities.)
I hadn't seen anyone do it yet, and I was curious. And to my amazement...

You can stamp on Zoya's PixieDust with regular polish and you don't need a topcoat. :O

That's right, no topcoat
No matter how many times I ran my finger over it, the stamp did not budge!
It was a beauty to apply, and has a cool stuccoed look to it, with very crisp edges.
And it retains all of it's wonderful PixieDust feel.

Chyna still sparkles like crazy underneath Purity.
I love the flat white against the depth of glitter. 

It makes me think of picnic tablecloths.
If drag queens went on a picnic,
 this is what their tablecloth would look like.

So what do you think of the PixieDust with stamp on top?
Will you try it?

I wore the manicure for three days, 2 during the
weekend, and 1 very heavily worked day,
wear was minimal and the stamp remained perfect.

Try it.
You'll like it. 

         Have a great week and an awesome manicure


  1. I was sooo eager to see what this looked after you told me and it's so cool! Nice work.

  2. Thanks D.
    I was hoping I had titillated you.

  3. This one is too good. That is some great stamping, it looks like those paste on stickers cause the coverage is that good.


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