Saturday, 1 June 2013

Seven Deadly Sins Challenge - Envy

Hey all,
Welcome to the second to last edition of the Seven Deadly Sins Challenge - Envy
"Who would you like to be? Let us know by recreating another challenger's work"
After perusing the albums I knew it had to be Dagadelic's "more is more" Greed manicure
I totally fell in love with that beauty. 

I went with a pink version. Dagadelic is always shocked when I use pink
I don't have much of anything that colour in my life except nail polish :P
But I will have you know, when I was 16 I was obsessed with the film Pretty in Pink.

I think I did complete justice to the original. I'm really happy with it.
Great design D. I feel like mermaid barbie.
It's so fun and glitzy. 

I used Essie - Off the Shoulder & Muchi Muchi for the gradient
stamped with Zoya - Reagan
then painted on some Essie - A Cut Above

Despite not being a pink kind of girl, it was A Cut Above and Muchi muchi 
that got me back into polish over a year ago.
Totally bizarre.

I can definitely see doing this design in every colour of the rainbow.
What do you think?
(And D, what do you think of my recreation?)

I finished my crochet project last week :D (pictures to come soon)
Now I'm working on a shawl. The beginning of a project is so thrilling.
Watching an embryo grow. 
All I want to do is watch movies and nurture my baby.
So on that note,
I hope everyone has a great weekend and an awesome manicure!
And don't forget to check out all the other fabulous manicures.


  1. You totally did the design justice! I love this so much, maybe even more than mine. Mermaid barbie does Miami beach.


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