Thursday, 6 March 2014

How to Attract Attention

 Hey all,
I've got something super cool to share with you today.
Indigo Bananas Glow in the Dark Topcoat! :O
What what you say?
You heard me.
Glow in the fricken dark.
When I first found out about it I told Lucas.
 He thought it was pretty cool.
Then a few days later he asked me if I ordered it yet...
And a few weeks after that, I was talking about a polish shipment,
and he said "glow in the dark polish???", his face lit up with expectation...
Umm... no?
Obviously someone really wanted this glow in the dark topcoat.
I waited a while longer to torture him and then eventually grabbed a bottle of Teal.
And yes, it comes it 3 different colours!
Green, Blue or Teal.
How cool is that?
Well... see for yourself...
(This is two coats.)
Pretty damn cool huh? I'm still shocked and awed.
And I noticed something.
It wasn't just Lucas. Men LOVED the glow in the dark.
I would tell them it glowed in the dark and their face would totally change.
Their eyes would light up, they'd drop everything, completely transfixed.
You wouldn't believe it. Perhaps it brings out the kid in them.
All the single ladies!!
Word of advice.
 If you want to attract men you need glow in the dark topcoat!
Seriously, it will get way more attention than that low cut shirt or short skirt.
Repeat. Man magnet. Moths to a flame.
By day you can see the beautiful Nubar - My New Obsession (I am obsessed!!)
stamped with Konad - Black using  MoYou Suki Plate 10
This totally makes me think of the old Batman tv series from the 60's.
So amazingly cool! Don't you think?
What would you do with glow in the dark topcoats?
Playing around with tape would be a lot of fun.
But that's another manicure for another time. :)

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