Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Firecracker Lacquer - Your Mom Thought I Was Big Enough & Girl Fight

Hey all,
Happy Canada Day!
Time for more Firecracker Lacquer!

Your Mom Thought I Was Big Enough

This is a very sheer multichrome polish, shifting though blue, purple, red and orange.
And a linear holographic with varying sizes of holographic bits.
I decided to show it off over a dark purple creme, Barry M - Plum.

indirect artificial light
The different sizes of holo give this polish awesome depth.
Kendahl aced the space theme, this really is a galaxy in a bottle. Incredibly stunning!

indirect sunlight
 I was curious to see how it would look with other undies, so I did a little tester.
L-R - one coat over black, one coat over silver, one coat over white & 3 coats alone.

Which undies do you like best? What would you pair it with? 

Next up...
Girl Fight

Girl Fight is a magenta jelly with pink/purple shifting glitters and a hint of holo.
This is two coats. The formula was super easy to work with.

 Kendahl describes this as a bruise, if bruises were more girly.
The first thing I though of when I put this on was showgirl. So now I'm calling it Showgirl Fight.

It's so full of glittery joy that it dries down a little bumpy. 
One thick layer of topcoat and you ready to duke it out!

I'm so taken with how squishy and twinkly this is. Super summery sparkling raspberry jello. 
Yet again I'm super impressed with Firecracker lacquer.

Or check out Firecracker Lacquer's Facebook or Instagram.

Alright y'all, time to spend the rest of Canada Day with a crochet hook in my hand.
Have a good one!

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