Friday, 11 July 2014

ILNP - Masquerade

Hey all,
It's a gorgeous evening and I'm sitting on my balcony dreaming of tomorrow.
Tomorrow I get to go to a lake. ^_^
As much as I love the ocean, I love lakes even more.
They're just so magical and fun.
Give me an air mattress and sunscreen and I'm good all day.
No tide. No waves. No salt water.
Just me and the dragonflies.
I'm so damn excited.
Today I have a simple stamp manicure using a very complex polish.
ILNP - Masquerade
(all pictures are taken in indirect natural light save for one)
Masquerade is the mother of all ultrachromes.
It shifts from pink, violet, red, copper and green. No lie.
This is two coats. And like all ILNP's, no undies required!
It was a dream to apply. No streaking issues at all. She's as nice as she is pretty.

indirect artificial light
I stamped with Messy Mansion plate MM14 using Konad - Black
The peacock feathers seemed to be a perfect match to this flash.

Every ultra chrome I try, I fall deeper and deeper in love with ILNP. They are so bewitching.
Black magic. White magic. I haven't decided yet.
All I know for sure is I want to paint a car in this. A badass low rider with gold rims.

Want to see another stamp mani featuring Masquerade?? (you know you do!)
Check out The Polish Hound who stamped with light blue for a super great look.
You'll die over her awesome photos (they always make me jizz in my pants a little)
On that note,
Have an awesome Friday night!
Don't party too hard.

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