Sunday, 21 September 2014

I Love Nail Polish - Purple Plasma

Hey all,
I've got an absolute stunner for you today!
Brace yourself for...
I Love Nail Polish - Purple Plasma

Purple Plasma is a gorgeous "electric" purple holographic polish full of red and gold sparkle.
This is two coats. 

No matter the lighting, it's beauty is intense!
The holo is to die for but it's the sparkle that really kills it.

I stamped with Essie - Good As Gold and used MoYou London Sci Fi Plate 2.

I couldn't bare to cover much of this up, so I picked a little robot that I'm totally in love with.
It's so damn cute, I want to stamp it on everything ^_^

Purple Plasma has quickly become a new favourite.
ILNP did a stellar job on this one. 
What are your favourite ILNP shades?

Have a good one!

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