Friday 5 September 2014

Pink and Purple Dragon in the Clouds

  Hey all,
Welcome to the start of another glorious weekend! woot woot.
I wish I could take better advantage of Friday nights.
But once I get home I'm more of a zombie than any other night. 
By 10 my eyes are glazed and my attention span is gone.
If I do end up going out, you'll notice me because I'm the one yawning so hard my eyes start to water.
(._.) Life of the party right here! 

I may not be partying but you can bet there's a party going on on my nails.
Just like this one...
artificial light
The base is Model City Polish - Purple Dragon, a bright purple full of blue and purple flecks.
Topped with the fantastic Firecracker Lacquer glitter PINK! (previously swatched here)
I thought it would contrast nicely, and man was I right! These babies were made for each other!
I love it when indies go together like pie and ice cream. Warms my heart.

artificial light
But the party doesn't end there! They demanded more!
So out came Sally Hansen - Lightening and Bundle Monster plate BM312.
I've been neglecting my bundle monsters (bad girl) so I thought I would give them some love.
I've never used the cloud pattern before. For this manicure, it's just perfect!

I really really love this one. 
Summery... bright... fun... a little wild and crazy... a match made in heaven. 
The twinkling flecks, the sprinkling of pink and the bold yellow lines.
I want to wear this forever!

However you decide to spend your Friday I hope you have a great one!

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