Sunday, 24 February 2013

Electric Orange

Hey all,
Like I mentioned last post, I'm super excited about this manicure. :)
On Friday I received my order from Born Pretty Store! I had totally forgotten about it, honestly. It took almost a month, coming from Hong Kong. But it was well worth the wait. I ordered a roll of striping tape & a set of 3D filmo fruit! I am completely in love with the fruit. They're so detailed and colorful. I had to use them right away.

So I was sitting, staring at my stash for a good twenty minutes, numb with possibilities. Which fruit of the 12? With which colours? What the hell!? Thankfully my boyfriend, Lucas, pointed me in the right direction. He always helps me out of my indecision. We enjoy the same taste in aesthetic, so I know his ideas will work. He told me to use the new tape and start with the oranges. The rest just fell into place.

I absolutely adore this manicure. It's so much fun. 
The tape was super easy to use and better quality than other kinds I've tried. 
And the little oranges are so perfect!
What do you think?

I used Essie - Orange, it's Obvious! (hate the name) as my base
& Zoya - Raven to do the tape job
Once it was dry I glued the orange down with Seche Vite and covered it in a layer to keep it set

I can't wait to use the watermelons in the summer, and apples in the fall. They're just so amazingly cute!

This manicure received a 100% satisfaction rating from Kit-Kat.
Can't argue with results :)

The other day I realized I haven't had Nina Hagen on my ipod for over two years. Shocking! Nina Hagen has always been in my life. My father played the hell out of her albums, I think he has a crush on her. Hell, I know I do! Nina is the ideal woman. Strong, unique, very loud AND backed by a killer band.
If you don't know who Nina is, you're in for a treat. You don't need to speak German to understand how much she rocks! Enjoy!

Hope everyone's having a great Sunday. I've got the little brother over for an afternoon hockey game and breakfast for lunch! Mmmmm... bacon and hockey.... drooling...
But I must run, the game's about to begin!
Have a great day and an awesome manicure!

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