Saturday, 16 February 2013

Rocket to the Moon

I feel the tug of the second self drawing me inward. My duality of personality has always been a bane to me. Like the tides, I flow in and out of myself, constantly moving. As soon as I believe I've settled I shift again. The bringer of good times and bonding to the hermetic suspicious scorpion in the corner. How do you balance the two? It is becoming harder for me to blog at the moment. The second self doesn't believe in allowing anything to be public. It believes the only way I can hold on to goodness is if I keep it inside. But I will trudge forth difficultly. I have been trying to write this for an hour and a half. Nothing flows. But here she goes...

This week I received a few items I've been lusting after. Half of the Zoya Lovely Collection and Big Ruby nail tattoos! Being my impatient self I had to use EVERYTHING! And man am I glad I did. :)

I used Neely as my base, did a tape job with Jacqueline and dotted on some Blu. 
These shades really are lovely! And all cremes, though Jacqueline has a hint of shimmer. 

To finish the look I added a couple orange rocket ships. 
I bought the Big Ruby Cosmic pack. 86 Tattoos, 10 designs, multiple colours and very very cool. 
They were super easy to use. Just like good old fashioned temporary tattoos. 
Stick it where you want, dab with a damp cloth and BOOM! Nail tatts in 10 seconds.

I really love this manicure. It turned out exactly how I hoped. 
I thought of this design a while ago but wanted to save it for these colours. I think it's perfect!

What do you think? Grooving on the Lovelies? 
At first I was only taken by Neely, I'm such a green freak, 
but the more swatches I saw the more I fell in love with Blu and Jacqueline too. 

A year ago The Heartless Bastards released Arrow their 4th album. 
I'd like to celebrate by sharing this live performance with you. 
I love all the songs on the album but Low Low Low is one of my top 3. Enjoy!

They are an amazing live bad. I was so happy when they came to Vancouver last Easter. It was aural perfection.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can see them again soon.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. It's trying to be sunny today.
I think the groundhogs were right, an early spring seem imminent. Bring it on! My manicure is prepared!
Have a great day and an awesome manicure!


  1. The lovelies look so lovely! ;) Now I need to use mine.

    And I quite like that there's 2 sides to you..makes you more mysterious. And really, if you need a break, there's nothing wrong with distancing yourself from the blog world for a little. I support you either way! (But I do want you to stick around because I really love the way you write & blog.)

  2. we like your blog!
    dont stop. unless you want to.
    because we like you more.

    people contain multitudes. youll reconcile all the nasty ugly beautiful kind selfish giving nurturing destructive sides of yourself, theyll coalesce into one beautiful personality, if you are always true to yourself with everyone and every thing.

    until you decide to stop, you could even consider blogging as an act of sharing.

    sharing is caring. and caring is love.

    now about those nails...

  3. we think you should listen to that girl up there. she knows what shes talking about. :P

    we like you, like we said. part of your beauty is that we dont know if you are wanting to repel hide and destruct, or give share love nurture, or both at the same time (people contain multitudes, remember?).

    why try to hide what bursts forth, whatever it may be.

    you can only love as yourself, and sometimes you just cant love everybody.
    i wish it was possible to love as someone else.
    id have way more friends! haha

  4. Thank you so much you guys.
    I will keep on blogging. Some days it'll be play and some days it'll be hard work.
    But I owe it to myself to continue.
    Honestly, openness and manicures. Always.


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