Tuesday, 11 June 2013

7 Deadly Sins Challenge - Pride

Hey all,
This is the last 7 Deadly Sins manicure :( 
It was a lot of fun. I'm really glad I took part. 
All that great art by all those awesome ladies. 
I'll miss it.

The final theme was Pride
"This is YOUR time. Brag about how good you are at..."
Well Dagadelic always raves about how well I splatter.
So I have to end this on a messy note :)

I absolutely love splatter manicures.
They're completely improvised.
All you can do is cross your fingers, hope for the best and blow as hard as you can.

Of course being a huge Jackson Pollock freak also helps :)

I used Zoya - Jacqueline as my base
It's my new favourite neutral. 
I love how the colours pop against it. 
It lends such a retro feel to everything it touches.

For the splatter I used Salley Hansen - Blackout
Nubar - Into the Wild & Pyramid Purple
I love me some Nubar cremes Mhhhmmmm...

You may have noticed the background for my polish shots has changed recently.
(not that that's what you look at, but I'm into details)
Well that's because my old backdrop was a crochet project.
And now it's all done and finished, hanging in my closet with joy.
Since this post is about pride I thought it was a good time to show off something else I'm good at.
(and my love of bizarre photography)

I'm really pleased with this top.
It's so casual, I've worn it quite a few times already, including to work.
It's yarn was made from recycled blue jeans!
I love not having to worry about being gentle.
And I have a feeling, like worn jeans, this will occupy the same space in my heart.

I hope everyone's having a good week.
Be sure to check out all the other awesome art!
Have a great night and an awesome manicure!
jeeb jeeb

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