Sunday, 23 June 2013

Simple Tape Up

Hey all,
How's your weekend going?
This morning I woke up wanting to create a bold tape manicure.
So after my first two cups of tea... and a long time playing Candy Crush... I got to it!

I used Nubar - My New Obsession & A-England - Excalibur
I absolutely love the combination of these polishes. So flashy.
Then again, silver is awesome with everything.

I really like this manicure. What do you think?
I love bold crisp geometric lines.
There's something almost art deco about it.

I watched a documentary the other night called Crazy Love. It was so interesting and bizarre. 
It's hard to stop thinking about it.
If you're into docs, I enthusiastically recommend it.  
It will definitely intrigue you.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
Have a great day and an awesome manicure.

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