Monday, 17 June 2013

Ode to Margaret

Margaret Winifred Siemens (nee Diggins)
I only knew you as Nana

You have been a huge influence on my life.
I was most happiest as a child when I was with you.
All I ever wanted was to sit with a cup of tea and watch murder mysteries while crafting.
And nothing much has changed Nana. 
Because that's still the only thing I want to do.

 I will remember everything you gave me.
Camping trips in your motorhome.
Colouring together. Playing boardgames. 
The time I sprained my finger and you splinted it with popsicle sticks.
The numerous cookies we baked, the blackberries we picked, the pasta we made from scratch.
Going through the McDonalds drive through on your scooter till they told us we weren't allowed.

I will remember you as the perfect grandmother.
Because you were.
Everything you ever gave was love.
And I wish I could have given you more.  

I found out my grandmother died just as I was finishing up a manicure.
The next day I couldn't stand to look at my nails.
So as soon as I came home I painted them black.
But Nana would have wanted some light.
So I used a flakie to lesson the depession.

51 (I hate names that are just numbers -_-) shines from copper to yellowy green
Photos show more copper, but in real life it is quite multidimensional.

Zoya - Raven 
Nfu-Oh - 51

Of course it ends up being a Nina Hagen song that consoles me the most.

Have a great week and an awesome manicure.

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