Thursday, 29 August 2013

Model City Polish - MCP Thanks You!

Hey all,
The clouds have moved in. More rain. Less energy.
I feel so drained. I guess I really worked it today.
But despite this, there's a polish I just have to show you.
Something very special.

Model City Polish - MCP Thanks You!
A bright red jelly with red and silver holographic glitter and large holographic silver circles.
This is 3 coats.

This polish was made in celebration's of Model City Polish's 1 year anniversary.
And the cool thing is, only 29 bottles were made and each are numbered! #20 boo yeah!

I LOVE the glitter in this. They are so adorable together. The fine holographic particles sparkle like magic. 
The hexes make me think of watermelon seeds, or strawberry jam. And the big circles? Holy crap! Space age fantastic! 
And you know my love of jelly finishes. So this polish is frickin amazing and I can't get over it.

I had to do a little something with it without taking anything away from it, so I decided on a sexy little black french.
There's something kinda jazzy about this. (just me?) I think it totally works.
It makes me think of ladybugs. And look at that holographic glitter shine! My heart leaps up...

There are still a few bottles left on Model City Polish's Etsy site.
Hurry while you can and snap it up! This beauty is too sweet to miss out on.

You know, now that I've gabbed about a beautiful polish, 
and drank half a cup of Coke a cola, 
I'm not feeling so tired any more!:D
I'm sure that will change in about 20 minutes :P
Have a great night and an awesome manicure!

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