Sunday, 11 August 2013

Smitten Polish - The Ghost of Jupiter

Hey all,
Next up I have...
Smitten Polish - The Ghost of Jupiter
I love the title. Like a book I would read on summer vacation.

The Ghost of Jupiter contains gold, silver & blue circle glitter 
and fine holo shimmer suspended in a blue jelly base.
(Three coats shown - two coats Poshe topcoat)

I LOVE glitter in jelly. The depth is fantastic.
And the amount of glitter in this polish is complete insanity!
No fishing necessary. If you're a glutton for glitter, you'll love this.

This is my first circle glitter polish! :D And I totally dig these crazy circles.
Like little planets or fish scales, this polish feels both cosmic and oceanic.
 A co-worker said "mermaid nails" and I agree. The jelly is a perfect deep ocean blue.

This is my first time using Smitten Polish and I'm quite impressed. 
Check them out, they have quite a range of fantastic creations. 
And soon to come is a beautiful holographic collection.
So excited!! I've been drooling since I first saw them. :D

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.
A summer storm passed through. A bit of thunder and lightening.
The cat hid in the closet, all the dogs in the neighbourhood barking.
I haven't heard the sound of rain in so long. 
But as quickly as it came, it's gone.
Hav a great day and an awesome manicure!

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