Thursday, 15 August 2013

Summer PixieDust Colour Blocking

Hey all,
I don't know about you, but I've really been enjoying this summer. It's been absolutely fantastic! 
And like when I was in school, I never think about it's imminent departure.
I try to live each day totally embracing the season at that moment.
But now everyone's getting excited about the latest fall collections.
Deep, dark and rich colours... Velvety shimmer...
But wait. Hold up everybody.
It's still summer.

I refuse to contemplate anything fall related until September 22nd.
Until then I'm putting my beautifully manicured fingers in my ears and chanting "summer will last forever"

On that note... 
I've been ignoring my Summer PixieDusts. So I decided to give them a little lovin.

Glistening summer fantastic! These colours are gorgeous together.
Bright, bold and sparkling, just like a beautiful summer day.

I think they turned out quite fabulous. Very retro, my co-worker said.

What do you think of my textured summer fun?
And are you holding on to summer or hoping for fall?

Zoya - Solange, Beatrix & Destiny
Let's Spin a Yarn...
Here's some shots of the shawl I've been working on.
I'm in love <3 I mean, I fall in love with everything I make. 
But this is one's for me :) I'm keeping my baby!

Bored yet?

I hope everyone's having a good week. Tomorrow's Friday!!
Tomorrow is also my best work girlfriend's last day at work. It's kind of sad. But life is change. She needs change. 
Instead of having a work friend, I'll have a friend. Five years of hanging out 5 days a week doesn't just disappear.
But that's just it. Five days a week. You get so used to it. And it makes things way more fun.
Candy, if you ever read this...I'm going to miss your bitchy presence so much. 
All the lunches, phone calls, and chats with Paul made the last 5 years a blast. 
I'm so glad Army of Darkness lead to our "unlikely" duo.  
Bruce Campbell, tea and bitchiness forever!

Have a great night and an awesome manicure.

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