Saturday, 3 August 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness - Oodiful

Hey all,
So if you're up on Dagadelic's latest posts you'll know that I went a little polish crazy for her birthday.
And no polish fiend would buy polish just for a girlfriend.
I've had a stash for the both of us hidden in my closet since May.
So when the day finally came, I was doubly excited. I could finally touch my secret gems!

I already knew the first baby I had to try was Nail Pattern Boldness - Oodiful
And wouldn't you know it, but D also chose her NPB as her first mani. 
Obviously soul sisters.

Oodiful is a grey jelly with pink and white matte glitter.
White hexes and pink squares in various sizes.

It is so fricken delicate and squishy! I love everything about this polish.
It makes me want to put on pastels and go for tea in a garden.

I used three coats for perfect glitter distribution and opacity. It went on very easily.
I love how the glitter shows through the jelly. Makes me think of bubble tea. :)

I'm so taken with this polish. I've really been enjoying the colour grey lately.
In fact just this morning I went out for breakfast wearing head to toe grey. Even my shoes. O_o
So I can see myself busting this one out very often.
Anyone else going through a colour phase?

My plan tonight is to finish the edging on my baby blanket project. 
Then all that will be left is to weave in the ends.
And I'll be 4 months ahead of baby!
Unfortunately every time I touch it I start to fall asleep.
Always the problem with blankets. Especially now that we've had a few cooler days.
I think I made it to snuggly :)

What are you up to this weekend? 
Or long weekend if you live in beautiful BC (woot woot!)
Whatever it is, have a great one!

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