Sunday, 15 September 2013

Smitten Polish - Out of the Blue

Hey all,
Hope you're having an awesome weekend. I had a great Saturday. 
Shopping, comfort food and Kate Winslet with my best gal pal. woot woot!
And I got some crochet done! What more could you want?
Today I'll be having a stay in day. 
Yesterday's fog is still clouding the sky. Grey and fuzzy like dreams.
If I go out in it, it will wrap my mind in it's cottony haze.
Best to stay inside under a bright light. 

Before the fog rolled in I was able to enjoy Out of the Blue
one of Smitten Polish's newest holographic babies.

I wanted to compare it to a mainstream holographic polish so I used Color Club - Beyond as an accent.
And without a doubt, Smitten's hold their own in comparison. Lucas even likes them more.
Out of the Blue is so vibrant and rich, I can't get over it. 

indirect sunlight
The formula was fantastic. This is two coats and one one of Poshe topcoat.
It dried incredibly fast. I dinged a nail not long after painting, and to my amazement it was perfectly fine!

And just look at that rainbow! Pure eye candy.
This is my new favourite holographic right here!
What do you think?

I highly recommend checking out Smitten's etsy shop
The other polishes in A Unicorn Ate My Crayons Collection are amazingly fantastic!

Have a great Sunday and an awesome manicure!

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