Sunday, 22 September 2013

Zoya - Giovanna

Hey all,
Happy first day of fall!
Now I can finally wear fall collections! :D 
I wanted to wait until autumn actually started, cause I'm a weirdo like that.
Of course the first polish I had to try...
Zoya - Giovanna

You might be wondering why I put I strike through the vanna.
Well my name is Gio. 
Just Gio.
Not short for anything. No I'm not Italian. And why? Ask my parents.
As a child I was peeved at never finding my name on personalized pencils, keychains or other random crap.
So as soon as I got this polish I crossed out the vanna.
The universe owes me that much.
Without further ado I introduce Zoya - Giovanna

She's a beautiful emerald green metallic with teal leanings.
Did the Zoya fairies read my mind? Because this is one of my favourite colours!

direct sunlight
The formula was fantastic. Metallics err on the side of streaky, but this one looked perfect in two coats.
And the vibrancy, wow, jewel toned heaven! Rich and velvety. I will have to mattify this next time.

indirect sunlight
I chose a stamp from my Cheeky "Viva Mexico" plate and used Konad special polish in Black.
It totally gave it a scarab look, I really like it. 
What do you think of Gio? What fall colours are you excited about?

I must warn, true to form, Gio stains. After removing this polish my finger tips were teal.
But what else would you expect? She leaves her mark wherever she goes ;)
She's worth it.

Here's a snuggly Kit Kat to get you in the fall mood.
Hopefully I can get her to snuggle with me later.
I've been picking her up like a baby and blowing on her tummy lately. 
She HATES it. :) But she has to earn her room and board somehow.
I hope you have a fuzzy friend to cuddle up with!
Have a great day and an awesome manicure!

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