Saturday, 25 January 2014

Don't be a Jackass

Hey all,
I feel like I've been super busy this week.
Or at least, I have all these different little things to do.
And most of these little things require creativity.
And being creative demands so much energy and time.
I get overwhelmed sometimes and just sit and do absolutely nothing.
But today I'm going to try hard to be productive.

Here's what I wore all week.
A match made in heaven.

Zoya - Bridgitte topped with two coats of Indigo Bananas - A Star to Sail By
Stamped with Konad - Black using MoYou Suki Plate 09

Drop dead fricken gorgeous right?
As you can see A Star to Sail by is much more than a white gold flake polish.
There are pink flakes, microshimmers and real silver metal flake.
A perfect match to Brigitte's dusty mauve.

The day after I painted this I had a little accident with a 300lb recycling bin full of paper.
When I tried to move it, it toppled on me, pinning my leg and hand to the cement floor.
Thankfully I managed to get myself free with only some bruises and scrapes.

This picture is what I call "Recycling Bin - 1 Manicure - 0"

Here's a little something that makes me feel better about hurting myself.
At least I didn't do it on purpose...

I hope you have a great accident free weekend!

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