Tuesday, 14 January 2014

If I'm Butter, Than He's A Hot Knife

Hey all,
I've developed a scone problem lately.
There's this new place by my work that has amazing (and slightly overpriced) sandwiches. 
That's what started the problem. I can't resist a good grilled sandwich.
But their scones... that's what really got me.
Especially the Vanilla Bean & Pear.
It's like, Shut up and give it to me now!!
All I can think about at work is going home to get sconed.
Out of my mind sconed. Sigh.
But always shared with friends and a cup of tea!
I only eat them socially. 
(If anyone wants to get sconed with me after work tomorrow... let me know)

Enough of that frivolity! (Get to the nails bitch!)
Today I have the last of my Cult Nails binge. 
Ms. Conduct featured in a glitter half moon.

This was one of those manicures I just had to do.
I couldn't get the idea out of my head, it was almost annoying.
Had I done anything else, I wouldn't have been satisfied.
But I am 100% satisfied with this.

This photo makes me drool
The glitter is Hits - Borealis. (An amazing present from Dagadelic)
The green/gold duochrome looked fantastic against Ms. Conduct.
And I'm loving the glitter half moon. Sexy, flashy and fun.

What do you think? Would you try a glitter half moon? (I dare you)
Don't forget to enter the January Jamboree Giveaway!
There's less than a week left! And so many pretties to win!

When I brought up scones of facebook today my friend started quoting Hot Knife by Fiona Apple.
I had a good laugh since most of what she sings is
"if I'm butter, if I'm butter, if I'm butter, than he's a hot knife"
So for your listening pleasure today I have the perfect song for getting sconed.

Have a great night!

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