Tuesday, 28 January 2014

they all have their own hands

Hey all,
Today I have something super gorgeous for you.
Scofflaw - Wraith Pinned to the Mist

I stamped the polka dots from MoYou Artist Plate 06 in Konad - White
I love this. Makes me think of vintage dresses.

With some amazing shimmer and multicoloured flecks, Wraith ain't no ordinary turquoise polish.
Just look at all that sparkle and shimmer! And the lovely gentle contrast of gold flakes.
This polish is all about attention to detail. Subtle at first, but more stunning every moment.

I've had this on since Saturday and it still looks damn fine. 
I don't think I've filed my nails either. And the tip wear is very minimal.
Scofflaw gets and A+

I'm starting to get excited. On Friday I'm taking my dad to see Bruce McCullough.
He was one of the Kids in the Hall, a sketch show from 89-94 I believe.
Funnier and weirder that Saturday Night Live and all Canadian.
Bruce has been my favourite since I was a little kid.
Maybe it was because he made the cutest woman, who knows.
(All the guys played woman characters as well because... well there were only 5 guys)
Here's one of Bruce's most memorable clips.

How many Dave's do you know? I know 2.
If you liked that, please for the love of god check out Kids in the Hall on youtube!
They're the best.

Have a great night!

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