Monday, 3 February 2014

The Lady Varnishes - Lissa Anne

Hey all,
I'm up past my bed time. O.O
And on a Monday no less! Scandalous.
My whole night has been a write off.
I've been busy playing with a new toy.
Got myself a Windows Surface as a portable blogging office.
And holy crap! Minesweeper! On a touch screen? Amazing!
Lucas rolls his eyes. But this is revolutionary for me.
Due to my distraction, I have a simple manicure tonight.
The Lady Varnishes - Lissa Anne
Deep green crelly with copper microglitter? No surprise I was instantly in love.
 This is such a striking combo, I wish I could have captured it better.
It had so much more personality in person.
 Damn, I forgot. The Lady Varnishes puts a charm on each of her bottles.
 I took it off before painting and meant to photograph it, it's quite cute.
I love this polish. Bold. Classic. With a mix of the strange.
Everything my green loving heart had hoped it would be.
Have a great night/early morning.
And if you're already sleeping, sweet dreams.
I'll be joining you soon.

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