Thursday, 27 February 2014

We Are the Music Makers

Hey all,
I have another incredible Indigo Bananas for you today.
This brand does not disappoint.
If you don't have IB in your life you need some now!
On that note I give you
We Are the Music Makers
featured in a music themed stamp mani

 We Are the Music Makers is a teal jelly full of green/blue/purple shifting glitters. 
I'm a fool for this colour shift, so no surprise I'm totally in love.
I stamped with A England - Her Rose Adagio using MoYou Rockstar Plate 03
And yes people, those are little headphones!

Like it's brother 2% Butterscotch Ripple (it's a boy dammit!), this polish
is incredibly beautiful and perplexing. The more I stare, the less I understand.
  All I know is that I wish I could paint a car in it. I can't drive. But who cares!

The more I stare the more I drool.
I hope everyone has a great Friday.
I'm going to celebrate with fried chicken and hockey! *happy dance*
.And some Battlestar Galactica, the latest household obsession.
It's fun! If you're even remotely into sci-fi, check it out.
Catch you on the flipside,

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