Monday, 29 July 2013

Dollish Polish - The Koopa King

Hey all,
Happy Monday.
My back is so red and sensitive, and I'm not quite sure if I ever properly woke up today.
I passed out on the couch at 6:30 last night :S Damn sun hangover.
If only it didn't feel so good to bask in it.
My soul is happy. My skin is not.

While I was slow cooking my flesh, this was my fresh mani.
We were celebrating Dagadelic's birthday, so I had to sparkle!
Time for my most unique glitter! 
(gifted to me by the wonderful and fabulous Dagadelic by the way)

Dollish Polish - The Koopa King over Zoya - Reagan with a matte topcoat
The Koop King is quite an interesting combination.
Yellow, green, pink, holographic, white and black.Varying sized hexes, squares, diamonds and bars. 
In the bottle all I can think is "peas and corn" Well... lots of corn.

It's such a chaotic glitter. I like how weird it is. I even like the bars, and usually I hate those things.
I can't help staring at it. There's just so much going on. I'm constantly perplexed by it's strangeness.
But in a good way. I can't decide if it's beautiful or ugly, and I like that.

It's got personality, that's for sure. So I'm glad I've got it.
What do you think? Grooving on the colours and shapes? Or not?
The holographic diamonds are pretty spectacular in real life. 
I think they're my fav, I'm a sucker for holographic :D

Uh oh. I feel the comforting arms of sleep embracing me. 
Hopefully when I wake up I'll be a little less pink and a little more brown.
Or a lot more peely :S Only time will tell...
Have a great night and an awesome manicure!

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