Monday, 14 October 2013

Vancouver Canucks Inspired

Hey all,
What a full half week I've had. No time to blog, but that's a good problem.
It's more important to live life than to talk about it.
Canadian Thanksgiving. 
I made two stuffed chicken dinners. Had a sleepover at a friends house.
Bought a new cell phone and obsessed over it all yesterday.
I cut a ton of my hair off. Man was it long. But even so, it's still long. 
I did some sale shopping downtown and scored some sweaters.
And I watched a terrible hockey game.We scored on ourself! Wtf!?
Prior to that gaff we had been kicking ass. Three wins in a row. :(
So to celebrate the fact that I'm not a fair weather fan...

My Vancouver Canucks Manicure

Inspired by our team colours and the Johnny Canuck shoulder patch.

It turned out exactly as I had imagined. Simple yet bold (and beautiful!).
Vancouver, where the land meets the sea. If only it could be V for Victory.

I used both of my Smitten Polish holographics for this fantastic gradient.
Out of the Blue & Enchanted Forest.
I used Zoya - Purity as my accent finger base, the rest, Enchanted Forest.
Then sponged on the gradient and quickly removed the striping tape.

I love love love it!! :D What do you think? Canucks enough for you?
It didn't turn out to be good luck, but whatever. It looked great.
As far as I'm concerned, the team let my mani down! Not vice versa.

I also wanted to show you what I wore to my first tea date of the season.
My bitches and I hadn't been for tea all summer long, so it was a great way to ring in fall.
I went with something really simple. I was feeling neutral.  

Zoya - Jacqueline with Sally Hansen - Soy Latte accent 
Unfortunately I didn't take the pic until a few days after painting. Oh well.
It totally makes me think of Nutella. It went perfectly with my scones ;)

I've got exciting giveaway news!!
Check out her blog for a chance to win two Indigobananas polishes.
I've been drooling all morning. Indigobananas are fantastic.
If I don't win... I'll definitely be placing an order ;)

Have a great day and an awesome manicure!

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